22 Jul 2018 hosted the second stage of the Moscow Classic Grand Prix

22 Jul international open personally-team championship of the Moscow Classic Grand Prix once again gathered under the banners of sportsmen in a sports car, built on the basis of domestic and foreign “classics“.

Show your driving skills and demonstrate experience in the preparation of cars for racing brought together riders from many regions of Russia. The international component was provided by participants from the Baltic States, Ukraine and Israel. About hundred athletes were beautiful, and at times, uncompromising struggle for the coveted “points“ to fill up a personal piggy Bank championship. It should be noted that more than half of the racers are members of 10 teams: Sofit Racing Team, “the Soviet Union“, “Red Car“, “UMMC Motorsport“, “Breakthrough“, “Shalom“, “Silver Arrows“, “the Falcons. Tushino“, Kramar Motorsport, ClassicCarsRacing. Therefore, the result of a single driver is essential if the overall success for his team.

During the racing days as qualifying training and 8 race participants stated in 15 tests. In addition to the race car category “Sports“ in the race was attended by drivers in the discipline “Time attack“ (race for the best lap time without face-to-face fight).

Despite the weather forecasts of possible rain, on the racetrack, gathered a lot of spectators who love motor sport, including entire families. This again confirms the fact that the stages of the MCGP are truly a family holiday, where everyone can find entertainment to their liking. Contributed to all sorts of activities offered by the partners of the event. Started almost at the end of the race the rain had added to the entertainment: the audience observed not only for the spectacular fan water mist billowing into the air on the highway for speeding cars, but were able to appreciate the high skill level riders when driving a sports car in wet conditions.

We would like to emphasize a historical site filled with interesting and sometimes unique instances of vehicles that were on display as clubs and private owners.

With interest the spectators observed not only for events occurring on the race track, but also how the riders and mechanics prepare equipment for the upcoming races. After all, it is only possible here to go into the box to take photos at a sports car, ask the rider questions, take an autograph. And if there is interest in the Motorsport history of the twentieth century, and then our members will help because among them are such famous athletes as Oleg Tregubov, Aleksandr Nuzhdin, Vladimir Yegorov, Alexander Potekhin.

The segment ended and there is confidence that the spectators and athletes enjoyed the holiday retro and Motorsport.

The results of the II stage of the championship MCGP`2018.

Class “Volga“: Vadim Antipov / Vakhtang Dimitrije / Paul Cowherd

Class “Volga 406“: Denis Samsonov / Alexander Smirnov / Ivan Konovalov

Class “Lada 1300“: Evgeny Trushin / Igor Krotov / Denis Kirillov

Class “Lada 1600“: Kozlov Andrey / Ivan Cockroaches / Mikhail Skripnikov

Class “Lada +“: Michael Zasadych / Alexander Nuzhdin / Vladimir Egorov

Class “Moskvich 2000“: Andrey Kozlov / Maxim Basilar / Denis Mishachev

The “Standard“Class: Vildan Asanov / Andrei Musaev / Anton Sevastyanenko

The Mondial Touring Class: Alexander Drogin / Maxim Zharkov Mikhail Tyurin

The Class “Formula Mondial“: Mikhail Ukhov / Novel Mavlanov / Maxim Pikulev

III-th the final stage of the championship of Moscow Classic Grand Prix will be held in early October and has already a long tradition will be held on the Moscow Raceway track.

source: “Soviet sport”