Formula 1

A championship point. Hamilton defeated opponents in the last race of the season

Lewis Hamilton has procederal from start to finish and won the Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi, won the 11th win of the year and 84th for a career. So the sixfold champion of the planet finished the current season. Daniil Kvyat got in the points – the Russian stayed ninth.


The race in Abu Dhabi did not solve anything. At least in terms of the battle for the title. It is still in the USA won Lewis Hamilton. The Cup of designers went to “Mercedes” even earlier – at the end of the weekend in Japan. Technically, the arrival in the UAE capital mattered only for the riders from the middle of the peloton. Well, a little bit – for those who fought for a place in the top 3. More precisely – for the third position in the championship.

We could expect an intense fight, interesting overtaking, bright accidents. In the end, everything turned out casually. And most importantly – the final race of the season, in fact, was the essence of the balance of power, which we have seen with the beginning of spring.

In the Ferrari again was a mistake, “kosyachit”. Vettel turned in the final attempt in qualifying. With machine LeClair on Saturday gave incorrect testimony on the amount of fuel that has aroused the interest of the judges and was threatened with disqualification of a Monegasque citizen. However, proceeding on this occasion was moved to Sunday night. So even finishing third, Charles did not know whether there will be in the Protocol… In the course of the race, he confidently traveled Vettel (who “helped” and the mechanics – another hitch at the pit stop). And stayed ahead of SEB in the overall standings. In General, all this was going.

Verstappen on “Red bull” had secured the bronze of the tournament. Again made his way to the podium. Gave almost unmistakable aerobatics. Used the maximum of the resources of the machine (his partner looked very pale, though, and came in the top 6). Here, too, – all, as we used to see in the course of this championship.

Bottas – again, classic! – became a victim of its own “stable”. Because of the engine swap he had to start only with the latter. Valtteri, however, broke his glasses. Even ahead of Vettel. But on the podium were not included. A feeling – which is not particularly something and tried.

And most importantly – was dominated by Lewis. As well as the entire season. And the number here is much louder than anything he could describe with words.

First, Hamilton celebrated the anniversary – spent 250 race. And won the 84th of them. Think about it – the guy won three Grand Prix (even more!), participated in! However, he in 19-th time in his career never lost the lead during the race (and this is a repetition of the record of Ayrton Senna). Gathered sixth “Grand slam” (victory in qualifying, the race, the lead from start to finish and best lap). For the 50th time (again anniversary!) achieved success when first starting position. In the 151-th time rose to the podium.

As Hamilton dominated throughout the season, in the same style and led this Grand Prix. Confident. Effectively. Without a single blot. With a significant superiority over others. Moreover, the superiority deserved. Not only in terms of technology (of course, the “Mercedes” – obviously the fastest car). But in terms of their own work behind the wheel. Someone still believes he wrongly took the sixth title? If so, then probably you are wrong.


Of course, we were too worried it was Daniil Kvyat. The end of summer and autumn the Russians was so-so… First some hurtful gatherings with high-position (for example, in Italy he could be the sixth, if not the engine failure). Then – refusal to transfer to Red bull, which eventually took the Mirel Albon. Two races in a row (US and Mexico) with accidents in the final round that Kvyat was punished, deprived of the points. And as icing on this bitter cake is stage in Brazil. Where the partner of Daniel, Pierre went Out, sensationally became the second, and the only utimes rounded out the top 10 (and even then – because of the gathering of opponents).

Of course, there confidence will be shattered! And the mood will fall through the floor…

But the main thing, though, is different. Kvyat extended for the next season. He will be the first “Formula”. Will continue to compete in the Grand Prix. Everything else is not so important. So in the UAE capital, Daniel was habitually confident. In a good mood. And acted naturally.

– He always does – sees nothing, never slows down, and then yells: “Aah, I almost knocked out! I almost flew to the moon”! – making faces, rigidly parodying Grogan, crooked at the camera Daniel.

Kvyat doing a Grosjean-impression is a fun way to end the last qualifying session of the season #F1 #AbuDhabi

— J. (@Gubrach) November 30, 2019

Roman might have been offended. At the beginning of qualifying, he went from the pit lane, when straight in front of him from the boxes Toro Rosso Kvyat released. Instead slow down, the Frenchman made the maneuver the wheel, almost knocking some of the mechanics. And after ranting on the radio – as usual, with materkom, and other hard vocabulary.

In the politically correct “Formula 1” such episodes always commented cautiously. But not Quat. Which openly parodied tantrum Grosjean, in an interview with Dutch TV. Yes, Toro Rosso made a mistake and paid for that. In the literal sense – the team was fined 5,000 euros. But he somehow Daniel was not to blame. So did not look for excuses. And just made fun of the Novel. Tough? Possible. Deservedly? By the way – completely. But the main thing is that this episode clearly showed how confident he feels.

That, in General, can not be bad.

In the training utimes made no matter, being only 14-m. He lost, get over it. But in the race, as often happens, managed to make the most of the weak cars. Great job with the tires. Used 120 percent tactics with a delayed pit stop. And now, as a result finish at the 9th position (the partner of Russians had an accident early in the race and the whole race to spill the beans at the tail). Maybe not too bright, but it certainly is a very worthy end of the year.

Let’s see what Daniel will make us happy in the season of 2020.

source: “Soviet sport”