Abruptly bombers. While some in the infirmary, Konstantin Tereshchenko finish!

Many fans of cars and Motorsport are planning your trip to the racetrack at Silverstone especially. Here you can not only assess the results of the riders of the legendary series of Le Mans, but to truly experience the story.


The fact that the racetrack, located an hour and a half drive from London, built during the Second world war. This place witnessed! Once in giant hangars were taxied the bomber, frightening his appearance to the surrounding area. Now local residents have to be afraid of except from frightening speeds on treacherous track. in the village, located less than 100 kilometers from London, a place in Motorsport prayed. Once it was stopped in hangars fearsome bomber, and in the last 70 years afraid of higher speeds of spectators racers.


Be afraid it is necessary and riders. We have not mentioned nothing of the treacherous track. Briton Jack Manchester from the team Carlin feel it for yourself in full. His Dallara not just flew off the track, but at full speed crashed in construction, enclosing her. The pilot immediately admitted, but it seems that nothing happened. A couple of broken ribs – for racers is utter nonsense. But Saturday’s race he’s already missed. How to miss and it all starts next month.


The best time in qualifying showed Ben Hanley from team DragonSpeed. He started with a free position first.

However, the main race was not easy. First, there are the vagaries of the British climate: during the qualification all enjoyed the warm sun, but to the race, the clouds thickened, which created many problems for building a strategy.

Plus – two new accident. It is clear that when on the track will appear machine security, a fascinating struggle is not conducive. Drama – contributes to the intensity of the struggle – definitely not.

New visitors to the infirmary: Mike Gousha of the Ligier JS P3 – rib fracture, but there is – a more detailed examination to reveal the hidden injuries of the body (just like a car after an accident!).


The victory was celebrated by the crew of the Idec Sport. And this is the first victory for the team in the history in the European series of Le Mans.

The second crossed the finish line the G-Drive Racing, among the crew members, which is Russian Roman Rusinov.

Konstantin Tereschenko on the car team Panis – Barthez (photo, car No. 24) was the second, but after the collision was able to finish only fifth.

source: “Soviet sport”