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Alexander Barbel: “When I heard about the closure of all churches, it occurred to me a return to the Soviet Union”

Famous Ukrainian heavyweight Oleksandr Usyk recently ran into a criticism of the fans, since after the imposition of quarantine urged people to go to Church, despite the threat of Contracting the coronavirus there. According to the boxer, he made such statements lightly, since she believed that the authorities are trying to interfere in the activities of religious organizations.

“The coronavirus is a virus that is fucking stronger than everyone else. When I heard about the closure of all churches, to me as an Orthodox Christian first came to mind returning to the Soviet Union. What, God forgive me, krasnopuzye close to the Church. I thought, as now, in the twenty-first century, can afford to do this? And on this basis I had some kind of internal aggression. They say, we must fight for our faith and say, “People keep believing”, because it is repeated 365 times in the Bible: “fear Not.”

But panic is still very much. Panic begets panic. It seems to me that it should be very thought out. Look, we’re the most rebellious. We are told to stay home, and we do not sit. We suggest safety precautions, and we do not. I know what the virus is, but don’t make this just such a crazy thing to intimidate people. The more that our people and so intimidated. They don’t know whom to believe and whom to listen to,” said Oleksandr Usyk in an interview Dmitry Gordon.

We will remind, the Tendril also spoke about how the world will change after the coronavirus.