Alexander Dyukov: RPL-2020/21 starts in mid-August or mid-September

The President of the RFU, commented on the results of a Bureau that was, in particular, decided to extend the break in the League-2019/20 until may 31.

“The RFU fully supports the UEFA decision made today, following consultations with national associations – said Dyukov (recall that UEFA has postponed indefinitely the start of the season-2020/21 and canceled all of the June games. – approx. ed.). – Currently recognized as the basic option, in which all Championships are finished. It is clear that the epidemiological situation in different countries, now expected to resume national tournaments at the beginning or the end of June.

The Bureau of the RFU Executive Committee has extended the restrictions on the conduct of football competitions until may 31. This step is logical and corresponds to the measures taken by the government of our country.

Thus, given the plays of the championship, the start of the new season will be postponed to mid-August or mid-September.

Another important issue is the contracts of players. Bureau of the RFU acknowledges the epidemic of the coronavirus force majeure event, the competition is suspended for reasons beyond any reasons, there is no fault of the clubs or organizers of competitions. We believe that taking into account this factor, parties need to compromise. There are examples, Juventus, Barcelona, Spartak Moskva, where players and clubs agreed to a substantial decline in wages for the period of. We are also waiting for the decision of FIFA regarding the timing of the season, transfer Windows and the possibility of extending the contracts of the players.

UEFA also discussed with the associations and financial fair play (FFP). Football for the first time faced with such problems. What losses will be incurred by the industry is not yet clear. UEFA, the Federation will endeavour to support clubs, so we cannot rule out the revision and regulations of PZPN. RFU its work too, leading, in particular, the Bureau took the decision to move the date of licensing of clubs, go to a number of concessions.

The RFU has also prepared and suggestions to support clubs through the facilitation of tax regulation, creation of conditions for attracting private capital. In the near future are going to discuss them with the government of the country.”

source: “Soviet sport”