Alexander LUKASHENKO: “Ban mass actions will not”

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that mass actions in the country do not forbid. But to drive the tude also no one is going.
“No one is driven. Just offer: if you want to, please come. No means no,” – said Lukashenko.
He cited the example of the Amateur ice hockey championship currently held in Belarus. Takes part in it, and the command of the President. According to Lukashenka, one of the latest games wanted to visit the cadets paramilitary universities. To deny them did not: they live in barracks next to each other, and if you sit a group in the stands, it is unlikely that something will affect. But after the game, Alexander Lukashenko instructed to monitor the state of young people.
“Not a single problem. What are we going to ban? It is not our approach and not our concept,” – said Lukashenko.
In Belarus, according to Ministry of health, was 304 cases of infection. 53 patients recovered, four died.

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