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Alexander Usik recanted, urging the people not to go to Church on Easter

Last month, undefeated Ukrainian heavyweight Alexander Usik encouraged people not to listen to the authorities and to continue going to Church during the quarantine.

However, in a recent chat with the fans in Instagram, the boxer still changed his mind, urging everyone to stay home and pray for the salvation of every soul.

“What do you want to talk?.. You know, when you say that people don’t admit their mistakes is bad, and when they recognize their mistakes, perhaps this is a little bit good,” said Usyk.

“When I first heard that they wanted to close churches and not to let go of people, I played inner pride, which told me: “Alexander, how so? Will close after all the temples and get something to do!” And I said: “People go to the temple!”

I will not renounce my words, and of course will tell you the same thing – go to the temples… But at this point formed a very complex situation: all closed, tightening the quarantine. So what I want to ask all common Orthodox people who have missed for the service and for communion, and for all the grace that we receive from our Heavenly Father.

Friends, let’s get together today, put a candle and pray at home with family, or who can not with the family, then let one pray. Will light a candle and offer prayers to our Lord God, Jesus Christ, about salvation, about the salvation of our loved ones, friends, enemies, everyone.”