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Amir Khan announced that he intends to spend a few more fights before retirement

The former world champion in two weight categories Aamir Khan recently said that he may end his career. The Briton has not been in the ring since July of last year, when prematurely stopped in Saudi Arabia, Australian Billy DIB. Since then, Khan has repeatedly said that negotiates megapath, but still not announced the name of next opponent.

Influential British promoter Eddie Hearn has invited the boxer to join the broadcast in Instagram, where he asked him about a possible retirement.

“I still have power on some fights. I think the day will come when I will want to do other things. But I’m always thinking about Boxing and can’t relax properly. Until then, until I say I’m done with Boxing, I can’t call myself free and do whatever you want.

I still hope to fight. Maybe it will happen in the summer if by the time you carry out sports activities. I’ll start training camp right after the quarantine ended. This is a barrier for all. This pause many will benefit. Thanks to it, body fighters will have the rest,” said Amir Khan.