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And champion-that – phony. What’s wrong with the title of Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton expected won the world Cup and won the sixth title. But does this mean that the British – great? And what prevents to call Lewis one of the best riders in history?


You know what annoys many in Lewes? His interview. More precisely, those moments when a Brit talks about how hard it is to gain the victory…

For example, “recognition” after the United States Grand Prix. The same one that brought Hamilton his sixth title.

– This is by no means an easy victory! Our new car turned out to be quite difficult. In the beginning, in Melbourne, we thought much inferior. And each Grand Prix has become a test for us. The second part of the season was the toughest of all that was seven years in the Mercedes. We’ve all had to overcome many difficulties to answer the challenge of “Red bull” and “Ferrari”. But we managed to do it and made it difficult to win!

No, seriously – what is hypocrisy? Nobody says that to win a race. The job of a racer is hard physical and mental work, coupled with the risk of life. Yes, not as high as it was 30-40 years ago, but nevertheless… In any sport victories come with great effort. Here to Lewis, no complaints. But why focus on the “difficult car”, “the gap from the rivals,” “tense battle with “Ferrari” and “Red bull”? To artificially increase the significance of their achievements? To create the illusion that there was an intrigue? To let the fans dust in the eyes? This, by the way, sin all in the Mercedes, including the boss of the team. But Lewis does it more often than others.

And it sometimes pisses me off.

Because “complicated machine” was brought to Hamilton with Valtteri Bottas 10 doubles in 19 races of the season! As the gap in qualifications (where “Ferrari” is really generally looked faster) was more than offset by the advantage of Mercedes in the race. As the rubber Pirelli – accidentally or not – the year that it works best on silver cars. And unlike the “Bulls” and “Scuderia”, the “Mercedes” – with his “complicated machine”! – never had a derailment due to broken equipment! Bottas only once got to the finish line, breaking the car on a wet track in Germany. As Lewis turned, and every time in the top 10!

Oh, how difficult to get a car… How hard was it to fight for victory…

And competition from Ferrari and “Bulls” is also a myth. There are no questions to the Mercedes – and the team’s drivers and mechanics, engineers and management: the entire staff is just brilliantly done. Rivals couldn’t do that. They had a lot of mistakes – both in tactics and maneuvers. They burned motors, broken boxes, not attached at the pit stop the wheel… If there was a chance – the same Sebastian Vettel – Lewis to impose a real fight for the title, they’d run out before the summer. And rant about how the Englishman “was not easy”, in reality, give up hypocrisy. And trying to “sweeten the pill” of the opponents (“You too, gave us heat!”) it’s not like.

True Champions do not behave. They don’t need the Blues.


The fact that Lewis has won five titles over the last six years, is impressive. In history so many such examples! More precisely, only two victories Schumacher Sr. (2000-2004) and Vettel (2010-2013). In General, everything. The success of Fangio in the 50s, leave out “the Formula-1” then was very different.

But does this mean that Hamilton is a great racer, as you can tell from his results?

In the “Formula 1” almost everything depends on technology. Approximately 70 percent of success – a pledge of reliability and speed of the machine. Yes, the rest is in the hands of the rider, but agree – even a great pilot can’t win the title driving a bad car! Examples are enough. Of the last the agony of Fernando Alonso in the McLaren. Hamilton, like Schumacher, and Vettel during their period of dominance, with the machine was in order. And yet, no Ferrari in the early noughties, no Red bull at the beginning of the tenth is not dominant as the Mercedes – the last six years!

Here you specific numbers.

In 2000 Schumacher won the trophy ahead of schedule, but his team – mate Rubens Barrichello in the championship was fourth. That says one thing – “McLaren” was driving slower than a Ferrari! This is Michael at the expense of talent and natural speed was able to defeat and Mika h? kkinenand David Coulthard. In 2003, the championship was decided in the last race, when the German snatched victory from Kimi Raikkonen from the same “McLaren” (ahead of him by only 2 points!) and Juan-Pablo Montoya of Williams.

Vettel in 2010 and 2012, took the titles again in the decisive races. With great difficulty (not without luck, and once – and not without the help of Vitaly Petrov) ahead of Alonso. In the end, SEB, and Michael at least twice won “on thin”. What was Lewis? Yes, absolutely nothing!

His only real rival for all these years remained one person – the partner on command. And only once – in 2016 – the fight came real and persistent. And, by the way, Hamilton has lost it (Nico Rosberg became champion). Other times the same Rosberg (2014-2015) that Bottas (2017) lost chances for the title before the last Grand Prix. And not without the help of a team that often relied on Lewis, holding the agility of its partners (especially Finn). A glitch in the system happened only once before in the Mercedes decided that it would be great if the championship in the German “stables” is German rider. Otherwise Hamilton would have been a sevenfold.

Yes, this does not negate the merits of the Lewis. But let’s be honest – when one team dominates with such supremacy for so long a time, it automatically reduces the importance of the efforts of the pilot. If Hamilton is someone else who would “Mercedes” pulled all forces (and not deprived of wins by the orders of the boxes, as was the case with Bottas), he, too, would become a six-time. Though the same Valtteri. Though Esteban Windows or Pascal Wehrlein. And how in such situation to speak about the greatness of Lewis?


If Schumacher himself has prepared a Ferrari to victory, pulling the team from two decades of failures, that Hamilton came all ready. The base for the success of the Mercedes was laid before Ross brown, a few years before him (and, incidentally, again not without the help of Schumacher, whom Lewis eventually replaced). The British were not involved in the long process of becoming “stable”. Didn’t invite a top specialists who are able to lay the Foundation for future victories. He just accepted the offer, drove the transition season in 2013 and then reaped the fruits of other people’s work – once we had the “hybrid era”, which “Mercedes” has prepared better than others. Done? Of course. And in sports, too, with no luck anywhere. But in the “Formula 1” may be anyone in history has carried as Lewis. And that Willy-nilly devalues his trophies.

Because one victory of Raikkonen in the “Ferrari” produced in the brightest struggle with the same Hamilton and Alonso in the season-2007, when two of the Grand Prix to finish the championship, the Finn conceded almost 20 points (for the victory and earned 10!), looks much more vivid and impressive than five titles by Lewis in the Mercedes.

Lewis is a real champion. Why Hamilton is really a great racer

source: “Soviet sport”