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And yet, not Quat. Daniel is not raised in a “Red bull”, leaving Toro Rosso

In the “Red bull” announced the lineup for next season. Alas, partner max Verstappen will remain Alex Mirel Albon. Daniil Kvyat will continue performance in the Toro Rosso.


Quat will remain in the Toro Rosso – so we decided, within the team. For a place in the “Red bull” fight only went Out and Mirel Albon, – said Helmut Marko before the Singapore Grand Prix.

In fact, the door to the first team, before Daniel shut down right then. But if you delve into history, even earlier, when the Bulls moved not Russian, and Thai (in place of the failed season went Out).

Later, however, Marco went back on their word.

– Actually, I incorrectly expressed. I meant that the possibility of Kvyat we know. It is important to compare it with Alex and Pierre. In fact, all three of them race for a place in the “Red bull”. Who will get it to – go after the United States Grand Prix, said Helmut.

His words already before the previous stage, which took place a week ago in Austin.

That’s nice to hear, but, in my opinion, this story gives too much importance – reacted utimes. – My job is to race and show the result. No matter what kind of car and what team. I will give my hundred percent in the “Toro Rosso” and “Red bull”.

Statement Marco gave hope to the Russian fans that our pilot will go back to the top”stable”. But apparently Daniel himself already knew the words of Helmut. All this was said not in order to spur Kvyat. And to motivate the Mirel Albon. It Thai was initially considered a contender for number one as partner Verstappen. It was important that he didn’t relax.


In “Red bull” did not wait for the end of the season and a rare event! – kept his word. Namely, announced the lineup for next year before the race in Brazil. The sensation did not happen. Mirel Albon remains in the top”stable”. Went out and Kvyat will continue to advocate for Toro Rosso.

Alex made his debut in our team at the Grand Prix of Belgium and since then has performed very well. Seven finishes in the top six speak for themselves. We see that he is progressing, that only gets faster and stability of its performances is not the slightest doubt. Mirel Albon has proved that he fully deserves the contract extension with “Red bull”. This will allow him to continue his progress. After all, Alex is only going to reveal your true potential, said the team chief Christian Horner.

– I’m really lucky that I will remain a partner of max. I am grateful to “Red Bull” for believing in me, in my talent. And proud that my results have achieved this contract. The season has been incredible, but the invitation to the main team during the championship allowed me to make a big step forward. Now I will try to use the experience and most importantly to meet the expectations, continuing the fight in the leading group, said Alex.

It is clear that Kvyat went Out and hardly welcomed the news. On the other hand, they remain in the “Formula 1”! Which is good in itself. Especially for a Frenchman – seriously disappointed with their speed this season. As for Daniel, remember a simple fact – two years ago he was dismissed from the “Red bull”, and 2018 he spent outside the Grand Prix, working on the simulator at Ferrari. That utimes given the chance to go back – very cool! What was left to a new contract – is also not bad.

– I am glad that remain in the Toro Rosso – said the Russian. – I feel comfortable working in this team. I’m all here for a long time know just like you know me. And we have achieved much together – which is only one podium in Germany! In 2020 I hope to perform even better. And will do everything to showcase your best qualities.


And yet – why did you choose Alex? Because the period of performances in the Toro Rosso he let slack, but inferior to Daniel – and in qualifying and in the race. In the “Red bull” went faster? Of course, Yes, but this is “Red bull”! Scored more points than Extinguished, for fewer races? Let’s go further – in the first six Grand Prix, he scored more points than Verstappen! But this does not mean that Alex is better max. Just a real balance of power in the “Formula 1” is not always reflected in the protocols.

What exactly beyond doubt is the weakness Faded. On the one hand, Pierre after Toro Rosso is also more likely to fall into the glasses. On the other, all the cons left in him. French is still very bad for overtaking, works badly with the tyres, often makes bad decisions and falls in different incidents. He just drove – and in terms of judicial decisions (which are often either forgave or did not notice risky maneuvers Pierre). And in terms of the situation on the roads. Unlike Daniel, who is a potential finish in the top 6 in Italy ruined a motor failure, and new challenges to power plants has crossed the chances of success in Singapore and Sochi. Otherwise, the situation with glasses was quite different! The same applies to max – Verstappen did frequently encountered setbacks is not their fault. And therefore scored less points than Mirel Albon.

As for Alex, he really consistently came in the top 6. But three got into a serious accident (in practice and in training). Differed breakthroughs from the end of the peloton, but not all of his overtaking was spotless and clean. When this really serious fight, neither with the “Ferrari” and “Mercedes”, nor for a place on the podium that he, in fact, not led. Verstappen and in most cases lost by 0.6 seconds with the circle. Well, I was not much faster Fading. Brighter and more spectacular – maybe. But to the level of the top pilot he is still far away. Kvyat behind the wheel of the “Red bull” definitely would have looked better.

But do not forget one important fact. Mirel Albon is the debutant. Until February, he actually never sat in the car, “Formula-1″! And summer was already in the top”stable”. And, basically, went with dignity. He has room to increase, while the ceiling is about Daniel in sight. Plus Alex are Thai sponsors. And not only Thai. All of Southeast Asia aches for this guy, and how in this region, large companies, you know well yourself. Of course, the factor of money in the “Red bull” also keep in mind. And then Daniel had no advantages.

But if Mirel Albon suddenly fall, as fell went Out… So what prevents you to replace it during the season for the same residents? As they say, to start the season in the team does not mean to hold him in her fully. So your chance to return to the “Red bull” Daniel, maybe you get more.

source: “Soviet sport”