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Andre ward says why he took the fight Roy Jones Mike Tyson

Ex-world champion in two weight categories Andre ward claims that in 2003, the legendary Roy Jones refused to fight with the great and terrible Mike Tyson. According to ward, Jones was offered the fight about 40 million dollars. However, Roy allegedly rejected a good deal, because he wanted more money and believed that this megafit sooner or later will be held.

“Jones was offered a fight with Mike Tyson. I will announce the exact figures, if I say that Roy has guaranteed about $ 40 million. It was a bargain. You stay in hawaiite, support weight, and Tyson at that time were not really Tyson. Yes, Mike was still dangerous, but not like before. I believe they worked on this fight. I heard that Roy wanted more money.

Roy once said: “Fight with Tyson anywhere from me not going anywhere” and turned his attention to Antonio Tarver. So this story ended.

I wanted Jones fought Tyson and ended his career. One more fight and all. Roy could make a full career’s nice to get away, hunt, fish, and do anything you want,” said Andre ward.