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Andrey Ryabinsky confessed that he spent millions to restore the reputation of Povetkin

According to the head of the promoting organization “the World of Boxing” Andrey Ryabinsky, to restore the reputation of the former world champion in the heavyweight Alexander Povetkin after several doping scandals he had to spend millions of dollars.

“I don’t like to say that I have merit or not,” – said Ryabinsky in an interview with RIA Novosti. – “I just don’t understand how it could be done differently. If it were purely business, any American or European promoter said, “Thank you, Sasha, but goodbye. Decide for yourself the problem.”

We have a different story – we’re friends. Not in my nature to take and throw. That’s just wrong, not a man. So we started to look into the matter. And in the end, it was the amount spent, which amounts to millions of dollars. But we succeeded, and he has become almost the only athlete, which after two doping scandals has been restored.”

Recall that in 2016, Povetkin landed two nasty history with doping. First, the “Russian knight” lost a fight with then WBC champion DevTeam Wilder, because of its location in the body of a Russian Meldonium, and then he couldn’t go in the ring against Berman Stiverne, Povetkin as passed test positive for a banned substance ostarine.