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Anthony Joshua could fight with Kubrat Bullet not in the UK

Despite the fact that it seems that promoter Anthony Joshua Eddie Hearn has found a way to organize battles in the context of a global pandemic coronavirus Сovid-19, he is in no hurry to fight his chief ward against the Bulgarian Kubrat Pulev. Eddie believes that this great battle must take place on the large stage that would accommodate a sufficient number of viewers, but in the current conditions of the legislation of the countries of Europe will prevent this.

“Proposals on the battle in Croatia mainly come from the promoter Kubrat Pulev. We now have five or six proposals from different countries for the organization of this fight and Croatia only one option from this list. We are looking for a great arena and do not give up prematurely on every opportunity. From the beginning, my primary responsibility was to organize this fight in the UK.”

“I don’t know what the situation would be in September, October, November. Can we resolve to assemble the arena on one, five or ten thousand people? Maybe there’s no audience at all. If they are not, then it is unlikely that you will see a Joshua and fight Pulev in the UK.”

“When we organize a show, I would like to make great fights. If you look at the Top Rank, though they have not officially announced the fights, but according to rumors, there will be the world champion snooze against the opponent. I don’t want to do that. I think this is our chance to have a reboot. That’s how I look at it. I want to spend real fights behind closed doors, and as soon as we can straighten this standard the organization of the fights, it will be possible to arrange more big fights. I hope then the halls will return and the fans.”