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Anthony Joshua: “If the power of the Moustache will not be bothered by Chisora, then Alexander may have problems”

World champion WBA, WBO and IBF heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua is confident that Dereck Chisora can be a real challenge for Alexander Usik in hawaiite. “Hey Jay” I doubt that the former king of the first heavy weight will be enough power to deter attacks Chisora.

“Chisora sample two fights with Diliana white will create the Mustache problems. I watched the match against Derek price and thought “Why David does not control the Chisora?”. Then I sparred with Derek. You know, this guy is strong. It is better not to joke. I give Gilliano credit for the fact that twice lost Cooroy. You need to try to control Derek for 11-12 rounds.

Can the cruiser Mustache to keep Chisora? Yes, thanks to the legs and movement. I was big enough to do it with Andy Ruiz. I made him feel my power. Ruiz knew that if were to go forward, I’ll be able to catch him.

But it so happens that you fight with the opponent, the force of which you don’t care. Perhaps the power of the Moustache will not be bothered by Chisora. Then Alexander may have problems. But again, Mustache is one of the best boxers of this generation, which only saw the world,” said Joshua in a commentary Sky Sports.