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Artem Lobov: “In Russia, you look at people all some nabukenya”

Former UFC fighter Artem Lobov in a recent interview with “Sport-Express” and discussed the difference of lifestyle of the Irish people and the people of Russia.

“People in Russia are more aggressive, I think. Walking on the street, look at people – some nabukenya, trying to prove something,” said Lobov.

“In Ireland, people try to enjoy life. Go say Hello to the man, smile at him. And you’re feeling good and it. Mind your own business, who cares? Relax, enjoy life, have children and educate them why you have some strange float?

Even in the club in Russia come there constantly trying some fights to start. Why? We, in Russia, so many beautiful girls! You came to the club, there’s enough for everybody, enjoy, dance, rest. Why the heck this aggression, why the heck to sort things out? Who do you prove that? If you so desire – sign up to a Boxing or wrestling club, poperinghe. I assure you will not want any conflicts outside of the ring.”

Earlier, Artem Lobov said, why not once in his career, knocked in a sign of surrender when caught in painful or suffocating receptions.