“Bars”gate “Loko” reduces wages, the virus from the legends of Liverpool

Under the heading “While you were sleeping” tell about the most interesting events that happened in the world of sports since last night.


It is not clear what consequences await the world’s sport because of a full stop tournaments. But we can guess that the good should not count. On Friday it became known that the club, Messi was on fire. The famous “Barcelona” appeared in the center of the scandal.

Former Vice-President of the Catalans Emily Rousseau stated that someone from the club steals money. In particular, the company’s I3 Ventures paid a million euros for the promotion of the image of Barcelona in social networks, although the market value of such services – 100 thousand.

The club on its official website issued a statement about statements Brown, which says:

“Given the serious and unfounded allegations made Emily Brown, a former Vice-President of the club, in a media interview, Barcelona categorically denies any action that can be classified as corruption, therefore, reserves the right to check misconduct. In this sense, the analysis services monitoring of social networks is subjected to extensive independent auditing company Price Waterhouse Coopers”.

Because of the conflict with the President of “Barcelona” Josep Bartomeu resigned two Vice-presidents Brown and Enrique Tombasalso their positions left Director Silvio elías, maría Teixidor, Josep Pont and Secretary of the Board Jordi Casamila.

After the resignation of six of the rebels wrote to his former colleagues farewell letter explaining his resignation from Barcelona:

“We have reached the point where it is impossible to change the system of club management in the face of new challenges and, especially, postpandemic scenario. We are disappointed with the episode leaked from social networks, known as “Leopard-gate”. We ask that on the basis of the audit, the injured party received compensation. And as a last service to the club – it is recommended to hold a new presidential election as soon as possible.”

This letter produced a strong effect. According to Spanish media, in the near future, the ranks of the “junta” will expand. And the President of Barcelona Bartomeu probably will lose his post.


After a long discussion with the leadership of the club’s players of “Locomotive” on Friday finally agreed to the lower wages. We are talking about reduction of payments on existing contracts for the period of forced pause in the season.

The salaries of most players and trainers “Loko” will be cut by 40 percent. For players with relatively small contracts that will establish the absolute, not percentage reductions. Otherwise, young people would incur too high costs.

Earlier, the chief coach of the team Yury Semin has provoked wide discussion online and made an appeal “not to offend the players.” Later he said that “the players never refused to help and will negotiate.” Recall that in “Zenit”, “Ruby” and CSKA player salary were cut by 50 percent, “Spartacus” and “Dynamo” – at 40 percent.


The sports Ministry admitted the bankruptcy of the clubs in the draft development strategy until 2030. On the official website of the Ministry published a draft strategy of development of physical culture and sports in Russia for the next 10 years.

In the section of risks, in particular, indicate the following:

– a reduction in real disposable incomes, the need to save on physical culture and sports;

– lack of measures of state support and economic incentives for doing business in sports;

– bankruptcy sports and professional sports organizations as a result of termination of budget funding and/or lack of investment;

boycott sporting events in the Russian Federation, violation of the rights of Russian athletes and organizations.

During project development, must have considered the impact of the pandemic coronavirus for Russian sport, both in the short and in the long term.

We will remind that recently due to the economic problems already suffered professional clubs in the Maritime region, after the region’s Governor said the refusal of further financial support from the budget. Hockey club “Admiral” has already announced that it will skip the next season in the KHL.


The official website of “Liverpool” announced that former player and coach Kenny Dalglish had contracted the coronavirus. 69-year-old Scot was taken to hospital on Wednesday for treatment of an infection, which required intravenous antibiotics.

Dalglish did a test on COVID-19, which gave a positive result. At the moment, the multiple champion of England no symptoms of the disease.

Dalglish three times won the Champions Cup in the squad of the Reds. As a coach three times he led Liverpool to the title in 1986, 1988 and 1990. After that, for the past 30 years, Liverpool never managed to win the championship of England.


Best scorer of the championship Slovakia jindřich Abdul has signed a contract with the KHL club. In season 2019/20, he played for Bratislava Slovan. In an interview with Hokej Czech striker said that he already has a clear understanding of future career development.

“This is still not officially announced, but the contract is already signed, I received an offer he could not refuse – confessed Abdul. – I mean the KHL club. I was interested in three clubs, one of them sent the contract. Unusually when someone directly enters in the KHL championship from Slovakia, so I appreciate it very much, for me it will be a major challenge.”


Irish MMA fighter Conor McGregor finally said something useful. On his page on Twitter he called on the government of the Irish Republic to close borders of the country.

“Here is great, the expression “pissing in the wind”, ladies and gentlemen, – I wrote to McGregor. – Without closing our ports, airspace and the sea (the main source of penetration of the virus in Ireland), what measures can be discussed? Quarantine? I’m afraid not.

We need answers. We need to see action. It’s not too late! Close our ports, immediately!”

In Ireland was 8 089 case of infection COVID-19. 287 patients were deceased, 25 were cured.

source: “Soviet sport”