Benjamin of VERBIS: “the national Team of Slovenia defeated Ukraine”

Midfielder “Dynamo” Benjamin of Verbic live in Instagram answered questions from fans.

– What is your daily routine during the quarantine?
– Wake up in the morning, have Breakfast, go with Pimaricin to the base to train, then have lunch the fact that the brother cook. He remained in Kiev, as he was unable to fly home. Live together in Kiev for a month. Play games like “Counter-Strike”, “FIFA”. He wants me to teach him the Russian language (smiles). Watch movies, TV shows. “Paper the house” was released – popular series among the Dynamo, this is the best series.

I, like you, already miss football. Hope all is well. Tired of sitting at home and train for themselves. Hard without full training. We, the players, want to do on the field already.

– Somehow compensate the lack of football? Possible matches are reviewing?
– Yes, Ukrainian channels show different matches. Watched the play 10-year-old Dynamo vs Shakhtar – strong team was, it was interesting to watch.

– Opened for yourself something new for the quarantine period?
– Ever so much not running without the ball, it’s new to me. Not just like to run when no games. Bored without the ball, no strikes, I already miss all the football.

– How do you keep in shape during quarantine?
– Our group in one of the messengers sent exercises which we have to do – running work, exercise at the gym. Do everything to stay in shape.

– What do you think if the current of the Dynamo to get into the group stage of the Champions League?
We don’t know yet when we play and I think that Dynamo should take place in the group stage of the Champions League. I hope I will play with “Dynamo” in the Champions League.

– What do you think, who of the young players of “Dynamo” could play in the top League?
Of Mikolenko and Tsygankov–, the two of them for sure. There is still Shaparenko, Tsitaishvili, Lednev. We have a lot of young players who will play in top Championships or Dynamo Kiev.

– I would like to take Ukrainian citizenship?
– I’m already playing for Slovenia. I do not have to change citizenship.

– If the national teams of Ukraine and Slovenia – who will win?
Oh, that would be interesting. I think Slovenia would have won (smiles). But the Ukrainian team have a good Outlook on the Euro. I really liked the game of Ukraine in the match against Portugal. When will be the Euro, I think Ukraine will be released from the group, and will continue to be a good team, we’ll see.

– What was the most memorable match in the “Dynamo”?
– There were many. I think this is a game with Shakhtar when he scored a goal and we won with the score 1:0. There was a great atmosphere in the stadium, many fans came.

– What did you feel when you scored a goal in gate “Copenhagen”?
There were a lot of feelings. In Copenhagen I spent 2.5 years, and it was a great time. So when he scored, was an incredible feeling. I would like to repeat.

– What surprised me most when I came to Ukraine?
– I was surprised by Kiev itself, because it’s a nice city. There are many beautiful venues, the Dnieper, restaurants, Maidan, attractions rich in history, cultural locations.

– What’s your favorite place in Kyiv?
– Hmm, the base of “Dynamo” (laughs). Favorite place – a new pedestrian bridge, it is very beautiful with views of the Dnipro.

– Is there any progress in learning the Ukrainian language?
– I understand, but still hard to say.

– Top 3 stadium in Ukraine?
– NSC “Olimpiyskiy”, “arena Lviv” and “Chernomorets”. Stadium in Odessa, lucky for us – there are two times won the super Cup of Ukraine.

– Do you listen to music in Ukrainian or Russian language? What kind of performers?
– Yes, Morgenstern now like Shaparenko showed a few songs. And, of course, “Cried” KAZKA – often in the car listening. When I loudly sing. But no one heard me sing (laughs).

– What genres of films do you like? What movie can you recommend?
– Based on real events. Favorite movie is “Scarface” with al Pacino in the title role. The series “peaky blinders”, “Paper house,” before sleep sometimes I watch “Friends”. While watching this series myself feel the other main characters.

– What can you wish the fans of “Dynamo”?
– Can only wish good health to all was well and nobody went crazy sitting at home. I’ll see you soon.