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Billy Joe Saunders has apologized for a video where he teaches men to beat women

The world champion under version WBO in the super Middleweight division, Billy Joe Saunders is forced once again to justify himself and apologize. Yesterday, the Internet got a scandalous video where Saunders explains to the men how to beat women during domestic disputes. After this controversial movie Billy Joe became the object of criticism from the media and Internet users.

In the end, Saunders had to clarify its position through official Twitter account.

“I would never close the eyes to domestic violence. If I saw a man touches a woman, I would tear him to pieces. I have a daughter. If the man had touched her a finger, I would also put a stop to it.

Sorry if I offended women. God bless you,” wrote Billy Joe Saunders.

Recently, Saunders was apologizing for cheating the airline, saying that his friend is sick with coronavirus.