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Billy Joe Saunders – on the refusal of fight with Alvarez: “For me the main thing – not money, but victory”

The world champion under version WBO in the super Middleweight division, Billy Joe Saunders explained why he refused to duel with Saulem Alvarez.

“Before the fight Canelo eight weeks left, but his team still did not provide the opponent a full training. Probably four weeks is a press tour, when they’ll be everywhere to promote the game. So his opponent will receive no more than six weeks to prepare.

I said, “You have to prepare yourself for six weeks.” Sorry, but no. I never did that. I’m not going to do this for the opponent like Canelo. Of course, I would like to fight with him, but I’m not the next step for Alvarez. I won’t be flattered just because you share the ring with Canelo. To me it’s definitely not going to work.

Is it the title of world champion now means nothing? For me the main thing – not money, and win. About a duel with Alvarez never spoke directly. I read somewhere that he has 20 possible opponents. They never offered me the fight because they have limited budget for the opponent. I refused to participate in these crazy talks, where I wanted to use as a smart opponent,” said Saunders.