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Billy Joe Saunders showed men how to beat women during the quarantine

The world champion under version WBO in the super Middleweight division, Billy Joe Saunders again became involved in the scandal. The fans have not forgotten his outburst when he called the airline and said that his friend is sick with coronavirus, causing the flight took off coach Saunders Ben Davison and renowned boxer Josh Taylor.

Now, the network appeared in a controversial video in which Saunders teaches men how to “properly beat women”.

“I just wanted to make a little video for all the dads, husbands, Boyfriends and so on. Of course, this Covid-19 becomes a serious problem, and we go into isolation in a safe space. If your woman yells at you, you try to be patient and calm, but after six days can not stand the nerves.

The woman can suddenly come up to you and to splash out anger in the face. Don’t know why. You may not have removed the dishes from the table, but clearly something upset her. When a woman approaches you, you try not to dissolve the hands. But then she says something, you suddenly explode and hit her in the jaw. At this point she might be confused and think: “What’s happening?”. The woman is scared,” said Saunders, after which he started to show which combination will help men to “finish” in the second half.