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Bogdan Gritsay explained why he challenged the Mustache

Bronze medalist of world wrestling championship Bogdan Gritsay in a recent interview with the Ukrainian Internet edition disclosed the reason that prompted him to challenge the former absolute world champion in the first heavyweight Alexander Usik.

“It’s not for the sake of some dollars. I want to show that Pro-Russian position, you can get in the face,” said Gritsay.

“Decided: to record video, try. I didn’t expect that so much people support me, so quickly it would gain such momentum that 3 days will be 250 thousand views. I want to publicly show that not all athletes VA*Nicky. Many write: “athletes – they were all clear, they have no head.” In Ukraine there are normal athletes-patriots who can fight back.”

Also Gritsay once again reminded that he wants to fight a barb without rules:

“I do not propose its own rules. I suggest that they were not,” says Gritsay.

“We need to understand why I wrote it. People publicly showed that who will speak out against it, is a bit. In this video you saw the rules? Weigh or judge? Or some regulation?

With Pro-Russian politicians need to fight with another weapon.”