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Carl Froch admitted that during his career he painted the hair so that it is not considered old

The former world champion in the super Middleweight division Carl Froch broadcast your author’s podcast told the story about how dyed hair to rivals and fans didn’t think he ages.

“I’m still gray. I stopped to dye your hair immediately after a career. I painted them, because he feared that during the defense of my world title because of the gray hair people will think that I am quite old.

I sparred with Howard Eastman. He was a tough nut to crack, but because of the gray beard I thought he was old. It seemed to me that he did not win. I always thought that if we fight for real, I will beat him because he’s old.

In 24 or 25 years old my hair began to appear white hair. I found that to get rid of them, because people will think I’m old. There is always the reverse side, but long enough, I stopped dyeing my hair,” said Karl Froch.