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Carlos Sainz will replace Vettel at Ferrari. When he royally lost Kvyat

The son of former world rally champion will become a companion of Charles LeClair.

In Ferrari officially announced a two-year agreement with Spaniard Carlos Sainz. True, it will happen next year.


On Tuesday, a bomb exploded information – Ferrari has announced that the current season will be the last in the team to Sebastian Vettel. Four-time world champion was held for the “Scuderia” with five seasons and have to spend the sixth in 2020. But at the end of the contract will leave Maranello. Rumors about who will replace the German in the most popular teams in the world, began to multiply at lightning speed. Discussed the candidacy of Daniel ricciardo, Valtteri Bottas, Antonio Giovinazzi, even Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton! Of course, we could hope that purely likely pilots “Ferrari” is our Daniil Kvyat – who already worked with her one year as a driver for development (thanks to that revived his career and was able to return to Toro Rosso, along the way earning rave reviews from the leadership of the “Scuderia”).

But by Tuesday night it became clear that the obvious candidate – the only one. And that, of course, not Alonso, in 2014 saying goodbye to an Italian team is not the best way (however, he was to blame both sides). And not Hamilton, whose financial appetite in Maranello not just pulled (it is rumored that he asked for 90 million euros per year). And Carlos Sainz – the current driver of the “McLaren”, the son of two-time world rally champion (1990 and 1992) and former teammate Kvyat youth program of Red bull, three sheets lost to the Russians the battle for the title in GP3 in 2013.

Daniil Kvyat and Carlos Sainz


Sainz always predicted a great future. The excellent genetics (the case when the nature of the children of geniuses not rested), the authority and support of the father, a significant financial interest from Spanish companies (even then they searched for a new star to replace the aging Alonso gradually) – all this determined the career of Charles as a successful racer. Unlike Sainz Sr., he chose the ring road, not a rally stage, but brilliantly they succeeded. Already in the childhood the boy drew the attention of Helmut Marko, who led the youth program of Red bull – the strongest at that time in “the Formula-1”. And got her the invitation. So, Sainz walked into a cohort of talented young pilots Red Bull Junior, where at about the same time with him were our team.

Carlos began on the album, ahead of age (both boys – born in 1994) in the Eurocup Formula Renault 2.0 in 2011 – he became the second in the championship, while Daniel remained third (the title took a more Mature Dutchman Robin Frijns, who “Formula 1” in the end is still not reached). However, the increase to the “Formula 3” (Kvyat remained in Europe another year) did not bring the expected results – in 2012, Sainz was not involved in the fight for the victory in any of the numerous series. In 2013, him and the Russians moved in GP3, and – in the same team. In the same year he ended the career of mark Webber, and it was clear that one of two racers Toro Rosso will go to Red bull to partner Vettel. And that means that the younger “Scuderia” will be released. In fact, for this place and fought championship with Sainz. And Portuguese Antonio Felix da Costa. The last chance was quoted even higher – he was older by three years and more experienced, plus acted in a much more serious series – WSR (World series Renault). But Tony failed the championship, one wicket behind Kevin Magnussen and younger to Stoffel Vandorn. Than his attempts to get in “the Formula-1” ended. And Marco was chosen between Kviat and Science.

But no agony of choice over the Austrian side. Contrary to expectations, Carlos just lost to the Russian. He has not made him any competition! Daniel won the title, while the Spaniard became only the tenth. The question of whom to take in the Toro Rosso, was dropped by itself – of course, residents! Sainz given another chance by the World series Renault for the 2014-th year.

He is there speaking in the spirit of Da Costa would have followed the Portuguese to withdraw from the program “Red bull”. But the guy proved that failure did not bend, and to learn he can. And quickly.


The title in the WSR-2014 Sainz won with serious advantage over Pierre went Out. In 2015, Kvyat off to Red bull to replace Vettel suddenly departed, his partner at Toro Rosso Jean-Eric Verny pointed to the door, and the younger “Scuderia” called Verstappen and, actually, Carlos.

What happened next we know.

Now few people remember that season in GP3. History again has demonstrated that success in the youth series is one thing, but a career in the “Formula 1” – is quite another. And here much depends not only on talent but also on other factors – luck, connections, the ability to intrigue and to fill his price, and the ability to take a punch in conditions of severe pressure (disproportionately high in comparison with the Junior races). Finally, the ability to adapt to the situation, to accept injustice and to plan for the future two steps ahead. Almost all of these qualities Carlos has surpassed Daniel.

Like the Russians, it was eventually closed in favor of Verstappen. But unlike Kvyat, ruskiego after the reverse reduction in the Toro Rosso, he and his managers have managed to find a way out of the situation. First- not dipped in terms of results. And secondly, he used the chance to go to rent in “Reno” in 2017, when kicked out a failure Jolyon Palmer. And then he was not afraid to break the contract with the “Red bull” (that young riders are afraid as fire), stayed in Reno for the season of 2018 and after signed in the “McLaren” – instead of Alonso. Yet Daniel, with varying success suffered bullying Helmut Marko (he was suspended from racing, then not fired, then invited back and, despite the best results, again, were pushed into the background, inviting the “Red bull” Alex Mirel Albon), Sainz had increased glasses weight in the eyes of employers, he led his career and were beating their way up. Of course, all this would be pointless if he’s not too quick. But the fact of the matter is that Carlos has greatly advanced as a rider! In the season 2019, he became the most stable pilot. Fast, and neat. The possibility of the machine not allowed to fight for the podium, but the young supertalent Lando Norris (teammate) Hispanic “rolled” in one gate and in the standings was sixth at all – that is, the best among all racers in addition to the three top stables. This is a serious argument in favor of the fact that Sainz has grown to a new level. And since Ferrari has the opportunity to bring Carlos (add to this his marketing potential as the successor to Alonso in the eyes of the Spanish fans), it would be foolish not to use.

As a result, now in the “Scuderia” with a young lineup over the last 50 years (at the beginning of the season-2021 Sainz will 26, LeClair – 23). How to get along, ambitious and superfuntime guys in the legendary “stable”? There are enough nuances. But that’s another story.

source: “Soviet sport”