Contador remembered his last victory in the tour

In an exclusive interview for the show La Montonera on Eurosport, Alberto Contador remembered his last victory on tour stage at the Vuelta Angliru in 2017.

“At that time I was in very good physical shape and also knew that this is my last big chance. Angliru or never. In the evening I was already thinking about what can be arena, and even a little worried.

In fact, I told my teammates that we need to control escape from the peloton. From the initial stages, the team came out strong, and I was going to attack Angliru. It was a very rainy day, and we had problems with the traction, so I tried to be nice to be behind people Sky and Bahrain. I remember that some cyclists began to fall and Pantano was very quick, he was like a bullet. I pressed on the pedal to try and pass and, fortunately, found the gap, but I really wasn’t counting on it.

At that moment, I felt only pleasure as the last time I was in this situation. I also felt like other cyclists are catching up with me, and tried not to lose focus, though I heard some fans. I particularly remember one man said to me: “Why are you going to retire?”.