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David Haye explained why Vitali Klitschko was for him a more desirable opponent than Vladimir

In early 2010-ies of the ex-world champion in two weight categories David Haye very insistently called to fight the then leaders of the heavyweight division Vitali and Wladimir Klitschko. In the end, the British succeeded and in 2011 was found with his younger brother, giving him a unanimous decision. However, hay admits that he always wanted to share the ring with Vitali.

“Vitali was more eager to join the exchanges than Vladimir. The younger brother knew their strengths and weaknesses. He realized that he was vulnerable when missed too many punches from big heavyweights.

Vladimir lost to Ross Puritty and Corrie Sanders. He was better than these men, but they caught and harassed him. As a result, Vladimir has invented an effective style – he kept his strength, not throwing too many punches. When the opponents get close, Vladimir hung them using their superior physical characteristics. He was fantastically efficient and did the job.

What would have happened if Vitali fought with Vladimir? They are two different fighters. Vitaly wanted to exchange blows, so I always prefer to fight him. He was more like my style than Vladimir, who was always fighting at a distance. Vitali would have tried to knock me out, that would increase my chances to get the shot.

The fans wanted I had a fight with Tyson fury and Vitali Klitschko. We have done these fights, but they never took place,” said Haye portal Sky Sports.