Death on the track in Spa. The stage of the “Formula 2” in the framework of the Belgian Grand Prix ended in tragedy

Passing in these days in the Spa weekend of the world Cup turned into tragedy.

In the first race “Formula 2” in a terrible accident killed 22-year-old French pilot Antoine Hubert. “Soviet sport” – about what happened on the legendary track in Belgium.


In fact, the main youth racing series, which is considered the last step in the pilot training before the world Cup. Only in this season “Formulas-1” appears four recent graduates of “Formula 2” – Alexander Mirel Albon (Red bull), Lando Norris (“McLaren”), George Russell (“Williams”) and Charles Leclerc (Ferrari). And this is talking about those guys who raced in the youth series one or two seasons ago. So they are much more – from Nico Hulkenberg (champion-2009) to the Roman Grogan and our Sergey Sirotkin (current test driver, “McLaren”).

Of the many Junior series “Formula-2” is at the top not only by status but also by the level of technology. In fact, the pilots are on the same cars produced by “Dallara” with engines “Reno”, the capacity of which is 620 HP (volume – 3.4 l, configuration – V6). On the dynamic characteristics of these machines are not much inferior “to the Formula-1” – maximum speed is over 320 km/h, acceleration 0-100 km/h in less than 3 seconds, and the overload turns almost reach space 6-8g. Yes, the aerodynamics of the cars is much simpler than in the world Cup, which affects the speed of cornering, but on the long straights the pilots of “Formula 2” coming almost at the same pace that Hamilton with Vettel. And requirements to the level of the pilots here are appropriate. As a rule, in League are the most talented young riders. This season, among them the son of Michael Schumacher Mick Schumacher. And also the Russian Nikita Mazepin – rider development team “racing point” in the “Formula-1”.


Antoine was born on 22 Sep 1996 in Lyon. In the 2013 season he became the French champion of “Formula-4”, earning himself a reputation as one of the most talented pilots of Europe. Career Hubert has not evolved as quickly as his peer and compatriot Pierre went Out, not to mention Max Verstappen and Charles LeClair. But there is little doubt that over time he will grow up to “Formula-1”. Moreover, the results was on the rise. Last year, Antoine became the champion of the GP3 series (a similar success in the same championship in 2013 opened Daniil Kvyat the road to the world Cup). And this season managed to win two races, “Formula 2” – on the most difficult track in Monte Carlo, and on the track in Le Castellet. In the overall standings Hubert took the eighth position and was determined to improve his position after the PEC-ed in Belgium.


What exactly happened is yet to be explored. But the facts are – at the end of a long straight, in a treacherous bundle “eau Rouge”, the car of Hubert went off the road and crashed into the barrier, bounced back onto the track. At the same moment in the car of the Frenchman at breakneck speed (over 300 km/h) crashed into the American Juan Manuel Correra.

In the terrible collision of the car of Antoine literally torn to pieces. To the scene immediately pulled together in about 8 carriages “Ambulance”, and also arrived in a medical helicopter. Both pilots have sent in hospital of Liege. Where two hours later came the brutal news – Hubert died from his injuries.

He was only 22 years old.

– Driving on the track, all the racers risking their lives. About that few remember – neither the fans nor even the people who work in Motorsport. And in my memory, Antoine will remain a true hero. Not going to forget it. Rest in peace, brother – wrote in social networks Lewis Hamilton.

Carrera condition is estimated as stable. More complete information is not available.

source: “Soviet sport”