Denys BOIKO: “I don’t deal with Moraes, the team did not sting his hand”

Goalkeeper of Kiev “Dynamo” Denys Boyko , during a live broadcast on his page in Instagram answered questions from their readers:

“The relationship with Oleg Gusev? He works as a coach in the U-21 team, often seen on the basis of “Dynamo”, greet. There is no conflict, since people want to hear it.

Moraes? When he has not scored me a penalty, I shouted some obscenities, I do not remember. Shouted for joy, on emotions. If you shake his hand? Everyone does as he wants. The first few times the team did not sting his hand. And then it all depends on each. Someone communicates with him, others not. I do not communicate.

Competition? Busan is a great competitor. I need to go out and do his thing, and then decided by the coaches. There is no sense to dwell on the competitors. He is 10 years younger than me. We still have Neshcheret, I’m older than him by 14 years. He trains with the first team, good goalkeeper, no question. But I know their level.

I just go out every practice and work. You need to prove that you are today stronger. To discuss with Busana error? This rarely happens. We discuss the error with the goalkeeping coach. There is still the video analysis of matches. If the coach considers it necessary, can discuss it collectively. This applies not only to mistakes, but the positive scenes.”