Formula 1

Ecclestone: it is Better to cancel the current season of f-1 right now

The former boss of Formula 1 Bernie Ecclestone is confident that the current season need to be cancelled due to the pandemic coronavirus.

89-year-old Englishman, preparing to become a father for the fourth time, believes that Formula 1 is not enough dictatorship in which he was accused at the time.

“Nobody knows how the situation will develop, therefore it is better to cancel the entire season right now. In Liberty think they know what to do, but we’re not talking about basketball or American football.

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Earlier in my address, it was a lot of criticism because of my dictatorial leadership. But now there are not enough people able to make decisions. During this crisis, caused by a coronavirus, we understand that democracy does not work. But in Formula 1 it never worked. Better to do as I do, otherwise nothing would have happened”, – quotes Ecclestone Sport1.

Recall that for the fashion industry, Formula 1 has moved the Grand Prix of the Netherlands, Spain and Monaco.