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Evander Holyfield recalls how Lennox Lewis brought him out of himself

Not so long ago, Evander Holyfield for a half hour talking with the interviewer SecondsOut Radio Rahim.

Evander remembered the events that happened before the fight with Lennox Lewis during it.

“The Real Deal” has repeatedly said that the British – the only opponent who was able to get it under the skin.

“I knew that Lennox is smart, a skilled fighter and all that. But before the first fight was one caveat: he provoked personal hostility between us. With it, I never tried to match something personal, because the most ideal option for me is nothing to talk about. But he made it personal when approached and told me: “you’re a Christian, if you have so many illegitimate children?”. In my opinion there should be some boundaries that would have prevented the invasion of privacy of the opponent. Of course, that he took someone’s advice and said to me these words. It was a blow below the belt.

Then, I got a call where I was advised to stab him back, but I refused, even without understanding, truthful this information has been or not. The most banal that can promise a boxer, is to send the opponent in the knockout. It was foolish of me, but I told Lennox that will knock him out in three rounds. And because Lennox is bigger than me, so I used this – she clinched and held me throughout the entire fight, not to risk to concede early. Honestly, such a tactic on his part broke my spirit, because I was prepared for 3 rounds, not 12 – laughing Evander. – Because I gave myself a vow that will kill him in three three-minute, because I was really convinced.

As soon as the Gong was sounded at the end of the third round, then it all went wrong was – I injured my eardrum. I haven’t given up for one reason only – my son was there. After all, if I refused to continue, then it would he all said that he is a wimp, like his father, who under pressure threw in the towel. It was the only thing that motivated me to continue to fight.

I did in the ring all that was in my power, and brought the fight to a draw. Everyone was in shock and everything, but I fought with razdolbany membrane, and he still couldn’t do anything to me! You could go and knock me out, but in the end missed my chance. Well, it turned out a draw.

Next, we organize the second match where I was healthy as an ox. Then even after the first meeting I was told that I had health problems. In the rematch already give him the solution, even though I knew I won it. I knew, but never said a word about it. I knew that I did not give up. Not going to give up because of the wrong decisions. Then Lennox refused to defend his belt against me, and against John Ruiz, leaving it vacant. In the end, I got into a fight with Ruiz and became world champion for the fourth time”.