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Evander Holyfield told me what ended his sparring with 17 year old Mike Tyson

The former world champion in two divisions Evander Holyfield shared his memories of his sparring with a young Mike Tyson.

“Mike and I are very close, talked and were friends. One day we spent sparring. He was 17, and me 21 year. It’s a big difference, if we talk about confidence and skills. Our sparring was stopped because the coaches said that one of us would have received damage. The coach of the Olympic team came and stopped the fight. Mike then said, “Wow, he’s thin, but powerful.”

In that time I have become accustomed to the constant sparring with the heavyweights and heavyweights. I sparred with big guys and never trained with fighters in my weight class.

Our sparring with Tyson stopped after fifteen minutes, saying that one of us would have received damage. At that time, I drove Mike into a corner, and he could not get out. He was 17 years old, but Tyson was very good. There is no point in talking about it, because we just sparred. The coach of the Olympic team interrupted the sparring, but I knew that I won’t be shocked. No one received damage, but I drove Mike into a corner,” said Holyfield in an interview with Chris Mannix.