Factory mutants. Why won without doping, no one believes

Chris froome is on the verge of great achievements, but they are not interesting, because his reputation is forever smeared with mud. However, like all the greats.

Starting July 7, “Tour de France” had been shaken by doping scandals long before its launch. Four-time winner of the “Big loop” and the main favorite of the upcoming launch of Chris froome got away with doping scandal and was allowed to start, despite the protests of the international sports community, the disagreement of the organizing Committee of the race and calls for other racers to boycott the competition. However, almost all multiple Champions “Tour” reasonably suspected of using illegal drugs, and over the last 20 years, only three winners of the Tour have not had problems with the anti-doping legislation.

Why allow cheaters to go?

Chris froome at the upcoming “Tour de France” could be the author of two achievements. First, he has all chances to join the club of five-time Champions of the “Big loop”, which now includes only four riders for more than a century. Second, the Briton could become the first since 1998, the winner of “Tour de France” and “Giro” for one season. However, for a large part of the sporting world, these achievements will mean nothing, since froome last year have seriously compromised themselves. During the Vuelta despite suffering from asthma, the athlete has exceeded the allowable dosage of salbutamol, passed a positive test, but did not suffer any punishment for what others is strictly prohibited.

Five-time winner of “Tour de France” Bernard Ino has already offered riders to boycott Froome at the first stage and refuse to continue the fight. “If the organizers of the races allow you to go to cheaters, that’s their problem. If the responsible persons do not apply to it sanctions, then this responsibility should take on other riders,” – said the legendary cyclist. So in the next three weeks the public will not discuss sports genius froome, and the legality of his entering cohort great.

From hero to villain one step

American lance Armstrong at the beginning of the XXI century has become an icon of road Cycling. On “Tour de France” comes from Texas has won seven consecutive years, despite the fact that the majority of rivals, including Jan Ulrich, Ivan basso, Alexander Vinokourov, Floyd Landis and many others gave positive samples. It turns out that they even EPO couldn’t beat the clean and honest Armstrong. Former colleagues periodically pointed out the true cause of his success. In 1999 he passed test positive for corticosteroids, but his team proved that the drugs he used for medical reasons.

The collapse of a great career started in 2011 when former teammates of Armstrong accused him of repeated doping, including erythropoietin. Indicators of biometric passports Armstrong was subjected to serious analysis, which confirmed the testimony. In August 2012 the driver was forced to surrender, to admit his guilt and to note that during his active career only a few participants “Tour de France” did not use illegal drugs.

“Mutant” Triumphs In Spain

The king “Tour” of the early 90s, the Spaniard Miguel triumphs in Spain ended his career clean and it is unlikely he will have the fate of Armstrong, but evil tongues say that he was one of the first sports stars who actively used EPO and achieved victories. Five years ago expert Sandro Donati has claimed that triumphs in Spain was a client of the infamous Dr. Francesco Concon, who invented the test for EPO and was given the drug by some athletes. French journalist and former trainer Antoine Valle named property has a tour Desk of 1995 a mutant, as it was shown for the first average power more than 450 watts during the “Tour”.

Bouquet Cannibal

Eddie Merckx, nicknamed the Cannibal, many believe the greatest cyclist in history, noting his amazing longevity and versatility. However, to “eat” the Belgian was not only similar, but also a whole bunch of drugs that helped him to surround himself with this aura. Positive tests Merks passed three times. In 1969, he was suspended during the Giro due to a positive test for fencamfamin, but a few months later was admitted to the “Tour de France” and successfully won it. In 1973 he was caught on the “Giro of Lombardy” on the drug for the narrowing of the blood vessels, and in 1977, at the end of my career the Belgian has found a psychostimulant pentetrazol.

“All use drugs. Who denies it are liars”

This phrase is attributed to the first five-time king “Tour de France” Jacques Anquetil in response to numerous accusations. In the 60-ies of the doping control only became part of the big sports games, so the Frenchman easily it came away, and did not hide the secret of their victories. In 1967, after the record in the hour race, he refused to hand over urine on the velodrome, for which he was deprived of the record. But seriously punished for such offense the leadership of the UCI was not power, nor the desire, so it is deprived only of minor victories and achievements. The Anquetil died at age 54 of stomach cancer.

These examples are enough to Cycling fans have ceased to believe in superhumans, especially when they are allowed what is forbidden to others, but because Froome will never wash away the scandal, no matter how much he still didn’t win.

source: “Soviet sport”