Farfan made a splash, player Edmonton has not been saved, and Zadorov wants to change Russia

Under the heading “While you were sleeping” tell about the most interesting events that happened in the world of sports since last night.


Half a day yesterday discussed the words of the Peruvian Jefferson farfán, said during a live broadcast on instagram former comrade in the national team Roberto Guisasola.

Footballer “Locomotive” was extremely unhappy with wage cuts at the club. “Let them do what they want, but don’t touch my money! – outraged Farfan. They sent me a piece of paper in Russian, I understood nothing. In the end tore it up. They just wanted to screw me.”

I thought even that echo “rail of war” continues to be heard loud news. Indeed, on the eve of the leadership of Loko announced that it has reached an agreement with players on 40-percent reduction in payments for the duration of the pandemic. A compromise was reached hard, the players initially refused to take such a step. But in the end it seems to be settled. And you.

According to unofficial sources, the salary of Farfan in “Loco” is about $ 1.5 million per year. In the season-2019/20 35-year-old striker has not played for the Moscow club in any official match due to severe injuries received last summer in the Copa America in Brazil in the national team of Peru.

Farfán many have already begun to persuade all sorts of bad words, but then he showed up and said that his words about the reduction of salaries in the club for the period of the pandemic was just misinterpreted.

“Among the jokes I said on the air with his friend Roberto Guisasola, one had to do with my disagreement with the pay cut – said the Peruvian. – Once again I want to stress that it was a joke. The reduction of wages was agreed upon by all players of the club, including me. And I share this step. In difficult times we should be together, I support your club stronger than ever.”

Don’t do that anymore, dear.


Prime Minister of Slovenia, had accused the President of UEFA Ceferin in the spread of coronavirus. According to Janez janšain the football organization had waited too long with the suspension of the Champions League and Europa League.

“Match on “San Siro” in Milan between Atalanta and Valencia was the biological bomb. It was irresponsible and criminal. Warnings from the world health organization was not enough for UEFA to stop the Champions League and the Europa League. This proves that they only care about money,” said Jansa.

The match of 1/8 final of the Champions League Atalanta, Valencia took place on 19 February in the presence of 44 236 viewers. The mayor of Bergamo Giorgio Gori said that the meeting contributed to the spread of coronavirus in Italy and Spain.


Tragic news came from overseas. The official site of club of NHL “Edmonton oilers” announced the death of striker Colby cave. 25-year-old hockey player died after a brain hemorrhage and surgery to remove colloid cysts.

6 APR cave was taken to Sunnybrook hospital in Toronto. After surgery, he was immersed in a medically induced coma, however his condition worsened and doctors were unable to save the athlete’s life.

“With deep sorrow, our Colby, died this morning, wrote the wife of hockey “Edmonton” Emily on the page in instagram. – I and our families are in shock. We all loved Colby. Thank you all for your prayers during this difficult time.”

In the regular championship of NHL-2019/20 cave played 11 games, scoring one goal. 25-year-old canadian became the player of “oilers” in January of last year. Previously, he belonged to the “Boston Bruins”, and a large part of his career was spent in the AHL.

Immediately after the death of the hockey player it turned out, as he had many friends. Because off-site it wherever it was played – in the NHL, in the AHL or juniors in his native Saskatchewan was known as an incredibly vivacious, gregarious guy with a great sense of humor. It is noted by almost all who have expressed words of condolence to the family cave. Among them was hockey legend and four-time Stanley Cup winner in the “Edmonton” Wayne Gretzky.

“My wife Janet saddened by this news. He was a great hockey player with a bright future and to an even greater extent – a good man. Our thoughts and prayers are with Emily and his family,” wrote the Great Twitter.


The Athletic announced that the 22-year-old striker Cyril Whims refused to sign a new contract with CSKA. The leader of the army is going to go in the NHL. In its ranks it has long been waiting for “Minnesota”.

Red and blue, meanwhile, have strengthened the squad forward by Mykola Goldobina. CSKA will sign with the player a two-year contract, said the agent of the player Sergei Isakov.

Goldobin was selected “San Jose sharks” in the first round draft pick in 2014 under the common 27-m number. In the system of the California club, he was until 2017, and then moved to the “Vancouver Canucks”. Just Goldobin has played 124 games in the regular NHL Championships, scoring 46 (19+27) points.

Forward Dmitry Yashkin plans to extend the contract with the Moscow “Dynamo”, where he lit in the past season. The forward agent Gleb Chistyakov stressed that there is considerable progress in the negotiations, but they continue.


Defender “Colorado” Nikita Zadorov compared the life in Russia and in the United States live on his page in instagram.

“I think it is wrong to drive the human frame, said Zadorov. – If a person wants to progress, he needs to play with the best in the world. There is nothing wrong to try myself in the NHL. To pay money to the government? For something incomprehensible.

I was raised by parents, that they have invested, not the government. I’m Russian, I’m proud of it, but why can’t I choose where I want to be, and have to pay some taxes?

What I gave my family the best in America at the moment. I never said that I hate Russia and I’m not a patriot. I build a house in Russia, would like to live there. But in our country there is no system stability. My children will be safer here.

Patriotism is not about where you live and what you do. I want in our country, the situation has changed. I feel sorry for people in Russia. See how live here elderly and in Russia they survive. I want to change it.”


John Kavanagh, trainer of the former champion of UFC in two weight categories Conor McGregor has proposed to hold a tournament involving Conor Habib, Ferguson and Gatei.

“In August could take place in the semi-finals. McGregor would fight with Justin Gati, and Khabib Nurmagomedov – with Tony Ferguson. Well, on New year’s eve, you can organize the finals,” reflected Kavanagh.

source: “Soviet sport”