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Fenelon man: “I saw weaknesses Beterbiev, when he fought with Stud”

Despite the convincing early victory of Artur Beterbiev over former WBC champion Alexander Carnations, Chinese boxer Fenelon man said in the speech of Russian a lot of flaws, which he intends to use.

“I was at this fight and saw his performance with my own eyes,” said Fenelon in an interview “I saw his strengths and weaknesses, which greatly helped me in this training camp.

People underestimate me because many people make comments without even looking at what I want to share my opinion. If they see my videos, you know who I was in the Amateurs and I’ve made up. The more people underestimate me, the stronger grows my desire to prove them wrong.

All say that it is an incredibly powerful puncher, but I did not attach any importance to this,” added Fenelon. – “For me the most important thing to concentrate on its role. I had a very successful training camp. Sean George is a great coach. He knows how to break the task into small parts, and I worked with him throughout the preparation period to make sure that I’m making progress and doing what I need.”

Recall that the match Artur Beterbiev and Fanlun of man was to be held on March 28 in Quebec city (Canada), but due to the outbreak of the coronavirus this fight had to be postponed indefinitely.