Ferris wheel. Details incredible outcome jubilee “Giro d’italia”

In Milan ended the Cycling race “Giro d’italia” – the one-hundredth.

In Milan ended the Cycling race “Giro d’italia” – the one-hundredth. Best Russian rider Ilnur Zakarin, representing the team “Katyusha Alpecin”, was the fifth in the overall standings. What happened in the latter stages of the legendary race, our correspondent saw.

“I see no reason to risk”

– Ilnur, are you alive? Power left? three Russian fans belogoryev surrounded the leader and captain of “Katyusha Alpecin” an hour before the start of the last mountain stage. It was on Saturday.

– What’s the problem? I’m totally fine.

Really, I thought, what may the problem from the person, behind whom 3353 kilometers through the mountains of Italy. Incredible loads, sky-high – literally and figuratively.

And for Ilnur, no problem.

He really was in great shape for this race. This form can even see: I think his muscles are woven from the finest wire. Well, how else to drive for 200 km in a day? Once a little more, sometime less. The longest event was the 12th — 237 km, the short 14th is 131 km.

– We will fight today, – gently said the captain of “Katyusha”.

– Are you going to risk it on the descents as Nibali?

– I don’t see the point. To risk losing everything? Last year I fell. Not-e-e-t, but no more.

After the fall of the dread descents?

– On the contrary! Feel more confident! Better to feel the bike. Wait, can we not talk about the fall, eh? Bad topic of conversation.

Ilnur difficult refused to discuss the fall. If someone does not know, tell, last Giro he was also in good form and is also expected to get into the top five of the Grand tour. But on the 19th stage 45 kilometers from the finish fell off my bike, flying about 30 meters. Because of the injuries – a broken collarbone – was forced to go the distance.

Farewell to the Giro, Zakarin has set for itself a new goal – the Olympic games in Rio. But after going through the quest “I do not permit” he was in a very difficult position. Permission to speak in Rio it got too late. Even if I went to Brazil on the next flight, arrived to the place a few hours before the start of the race. That is, in this trip there was no sense – except to take a few days as a tourist. But that’s not an option Sacarina. His option is always to climb as high as possible.

Konyshev: Sorry, I Sacarina had two puncture

In this brief retelling it is clear why Ilnur refused to discuss the topic of drops – on the eve of such a crucial stage of these thoughts were completely useless. Ilnur and his team really counted on him in terms of promotion in the General classification: with fifth place – somewhere above.

Aloud in the team about it, no one spoke, but the victory dreamed of.

Okay guys, I will go, – at these words, Zack, as it is called in the team, disappeared in the bus, and an hour later rushed to the penultimate attack. For 76 kilometers from the finish Zakarin attempted to create a gap, but the escape failed. 19 km to go the leaders got Nair Quintana (the overall leader), Thibaut Pinot and Vincenzo nibali. Won in the end Pinot.

Zakarin finished second that day. Until the third career victory on the stages of the Grand tours did not have enough drop.

We are still satisfied. Ilnur did great today, – said sports Director of team Katusha Dmitry Konyshev, a previous multiple winner of the most prestigious stages mnogodnevok. In the face Konyshev, however, it was noticeable that the team is as upset about how many satisfied with this second place. – Yes, it’s a successful stage, but at the same time, the victory was very close, you know…

– I think Katyusha cheered by the end of the race.

– Exactly! Even it is a pity that all ends. At first we really “have to play” did not succeed. Some guys have us newbies had to learn and the little things, and serious things. And now everyone realized that we can still improve, and most importantly, I understood how to do it. Sorry, Ilnur have had two punctures – on the first cutting and on one of the mountain stages, where he lost almost three minutes.

Dumoulin: c fourth place to first

Because of these punctures a significant part of the race He had to climb from the depths of the second ten in the mountain General classification. Of course, fifth place, given the strength of the Russian rider, for it is not the limit. Until the last day, the team never stopped dreaming about the podium in Giro. Don’t forget – race is a jubilee event. To be in the top three hundredth “Giro” is an achievement for the ages.

In honor of the centenary race was extended for a hundred miles and came up with the logo, where the two zeros are woven into the mining loop, the infinity sign and two welocalize in this logo sees something different.

Unfortunately, the anniversary of the race was not absolutely cloudless holiday. In many places, met black ribbon in memory of the racer of “Astana” Michele Scarponi. He died on the morning of 22 April, under the wheels of a truck, exercising close to home. The truck driver did not notice the 37-year-old Italian, who also really wanted to drive a hundredth of the race.

“Astana” in memory of Michele Scarponi put on the race eight people instead of nine…

But as harsh as it may sound – life goes on, and continued in Giro. The last stage which was held on Sunday, was not familiar to mnogodnevki stage of friendship, in which nothing is solved, and the riders will finish each other.

This cutting was decisive – neither more nor less – in determining the winner of the General classification. Dutchman Tom Dumoulin brought in these 30 kilometers entire minute and a half Kintana, which will fully compensate for the gap and win the overall standings with an advantage of half a minute over the Colombian. It was an incredible isolation, a “Jiro” not seen perhaps ever. Quintana, came down from the mountains with a margin of 53 seconds, lost. You should have seen the Colombian fans, which Giro literally crowds. These people were crying!

For our fans, which there are much less than the Colombians, the main question was different: whether Zakarin your fifth turn at the podium of the General classification? It did not happen. At the right level Ilnur kept the first 10 kilometers. And then came the fatigue. Zakarin finished the race in fifth place. And this is not a defeat.

source: “Soviet sport”