Formula 1

Festival in red colors. LeClair brought Ferrari victory in Italy

The Monegasque Charles Leclerc won a second consecutive victory and the first for “Scuderia” on their home circuit Monza as much as in 2010!


Salary Vettel this year (unofficially, but close to the truth) – 35 million euros. Salary LeClair – $ 2 million.

Sebastian points after the Grand Prix of Italy – 169. Glasses Of Charles – 182.

Victories of the Germans in 2019 – zero. Victories a Monegasque citizen or two.

Vettel in Sunday’s race in Monza – start from the fourth place, no visible chance to make it to the top 3, an unfortunate mistake in one of the fast corners, off road, and frankly dumbest maneuver, unforgivable even for beginners (not to mention the 4-fold champion of the world!) – when returning to the track, SEB did not dare to look around, and drove directly into the side of a passing Stroll! “He’s an idiot?” – outraged canadian. Which, however, after a couple of seconds did exactly the same thing – the same way almost flew into Pierre went Out. However, the Frenchman was lucky a little more – before the collision is not reached, and the current partner Kvyat took a walk along a gravel trap. Car lance got a little more. Very unlucky Vettel (well, as “no luck”? himself to blame in the end!) pilot “Ferrari” has damaged the wing. In the end, the first unscheduled check in the boxes for repair. Then another one for the penalty “stop & go”. Judges to feel sorry for SEB did not. Even in Italy. To break into the points after this debacle he just could not.

Leclere Sunday’s race in Monza – starting from the pole position (the second for a Monegasque citizen in a row and third of the season, for comparison, Vettel has only once this year, won Saturday’s qualification). Steady pace throughout the race. Great defense from attacks of Hamilton, then from the Bottom. And finish in first place. The second week (after winning in Belgium last Sunday). And most importantly – on their home track Ferrari. In front of hundreds of thousands of fans of the “Scuderia”, which is similar to the success seen on here for almost 10 years!

Oh, how happy they were… And was a happy 21-year-old LeClair!

Now, the question is justified whether the difference in the salaries of the two pilots “stable”? And most importantly – can Vettel still be considered a leader in it?


In the end, SEB – anti-hero of the weekend. And Charles is the hero. All the others drove in their power. A little more luck pilots Renault – ricciardo with Hulkenberg rounded out the top 5. A little less “Red Bullom” (Verstappen started from the back due to the replacement of the motor, the charming little town situated just lacked pace for a serious fight with Nick and Dan). Could be another hero, vyzhivshy the maximum from the car and even a little more. And, incidentally, also of the Italian team. Alas, after a feat in Belgium (where he became the 7th), he is now much less fortunate.

Although the chance to compete for a place in the “seven” were. And is quite good!

Alas, Daniil Kvyat fell victim to the engine of the Honda. Although the Russians gave a great start. And after the “hooliganism” Vettel to qualify in the top 10. And given the risky tactics (he started the race on the tires medium, and still kept a high growth rate is no worse than the charming little town situated on the “Red bull” on the “software”), and the fast pit stop in the virtual safety car (“the McLaren” Carlos Sainz has not fixed the wheel and it stopped on the exit of the pit lane), Daniel could climb a couple of positions! Alas – the clouds of smoke enveloped his Toro Rosso, has forced residents to go. It’s a shame.

On the other hand, in any case, everyone saw again how he’s a great pilot!

source: “Soviet sport”