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Floyd Mayweather has addressed the fans: “I want to help make this world a better place”

Legendary champion in five weight categories Floyd Mayweather recorded a video message to the fans with tears in their eyes telling how he survived the loss of his ex-wife and uncle, as well as promising that he will help the society in these difficult times.

“I have not had a chance to go out and truly speak to the world, to reach out to people, because I have a lot of things have happened in my life. I suffered the loss of the mother of my children. She was very close to me man, great woman and great personality,” said Mayweather.

“Also died a terrific trainer, uncle Roger Mayweather, which in many ways was my father figure.

This had a profound impact on me. It is painful to observe, through what is now the entire world. And I wish we stayed together and kept believing.

I’m here to help make this world a better place. I’m going to continue to contribute, and I don’t have to show it to the world because I can do it behind closed doors. And it’s not about the money, which I’m going to feed people, but also to help those who have almost nothing now is not because of the situation. I will continue to help and never to talk about it. As long as the Lord knows I do good work,” added Mayweather.

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As long as GOD recognizes the blessings that I bring people, I will continue to be blessed. I’m not perfect but my heart is genuine.

Publication from Floyd Mayweather (@floydmayweather) APR 26, 2020 7:16 PDT