Football hypocrisy. Down with social distance on the football!

Chief editor of “Soviet sport” calls attention to the hypocrisy that permeates the football era of the coronavirus.

In the countries where they agreed to resume football Championships, participants are recommended to follow the social distance on the field. Well, look at this video and then continue:

This is what a socially-distanced trophy lift looks ~*, demonstrated by Austrian Cup winners Red Bull Salzburg.

(via @beinsportsusa)

— Squawka News (@SquawkaNews) May 30, 2020

You will not find that happening in the video looks a bit silly? No empty stands – it’s all justified. But what is this celebration? Where is the respect for social distance?

Let’s face it: train and play all of these people contact. And these same people (not only players, but the entire staff) always pass the tests. So why come up with all this senseless show?

Football – like any sport, like any other mass empathy something is a very emotional thing. This is the feeling of belonging to something. She, ownership, blurs the boundaries. It sometimes allows that in real life I’d never do. Well, why should I go to the crowd of tens of thousands (!) people somewhere? But at the stadium I go. And on the streets to fraternize going. And to celebrate his goal will be.

And this often happens in the stands – especially when I’m not in the press box and on the fan sector. Just in the euphoria of cuddling with a stranger standing nearby. And maybe kiss someone in the euphoria. Remember, many were talking about health booths for the 2014 world Cup? What were they (not talk – box)? Two people have nowhere to engage in sex? Or two hours of the match can’t fail? No, it was at a soccer game, a clot of emotion, the intertwining of bodies, feelings and lives…

So why all these fake “boundary at the celebration of a goal”? Why the recommendation to RUB elbows instead of shaking hands? Yes, you are tested every day! Yes, you on the basis of feeding from morning to evening, and at the store you don’t go! What and who are you trying to prove?

Here’s a look again: these two photos were taken on the same match in Dortmund.

Here’s the bench – all of two feet away from each other. It shows all of the break in the broadcast, and the commentators admire!

But the second photos of these players already on the field up into the wall during a free kick.

What? What the hell is distance?

So enough to hold us for idiots. Stop by to be fake idiots!

You educate us? Not at all. You teach falsehood.

If you don’t tell us that we should wear a condom during casual (and it would be good in any other) sex, that we do not? Or forget to put on a head a gas mask in a nuclear explosion?

Football is not educational function. In your hypocrisy, we do not believe. Football is sex. And you show that you don’t really need. You are having sex otherwise, enthusiastically looking at yourself in the mirror?

source: “Soviet sport”