Formula 1

“Formula 1” in Sochi: how to come to the Grand Prix and not miss anything.

In September, the fans of “Formula-1” will arrive in Sochi for the Russian Grand Prix, where for the sixth time to host the Russian stage of the world Cup.

“Formula-1” is the deafening roar of engines, incredible speed, the fountains of expensive champagne on the podium.

But the “Formula 1” is only part of the weekend. What do the fans in the rest of the time on the “Sochi Autodrome”?

Crazy race support

During the weekend of the Grand Prix races conducted in another and Junior racing series, “Formula 2” “Formula 3”. If you think that it is something completely uninteresting, then you are deeply mistaken.

In these series are the pilots who through their skills can get in “the Formula-1”. In fact, during this contact they are fighting in the race. The struggle for this chance in the “Formula 2” “Formula 3” sometimes it turns out even more interesting than racing in F1 with the struggle for the title of world champion.

Besides watch there Russian fans have for anyone in the “Formula 3” is a member of the youth Academy Ferrari Robert Schwartzmanin “Formula 2” – Nikita Mazepin.

Cool concerts

At the Grand Prix of Russia this year will play concerts of the legendary Russian group.

To warm up the audience on September 27 on the eve of the qualification will be the band “Leningrad”, headed by Sergei Shnurov. The day before the race on Saturday, September 28, will take the stage the main aesthetes Russian guitar music group “Mumiy Troll” and its permanent leader Ilya Lagutenko. Sunday – race day, which will be held from 29 September will take place the concert of Diana Arbenina and “Night snipers”.

Walk on pit lane and autograph

If you come in “the Formula-1” in the beginning of the weekend, do not neglect the first day of the stage, Thursday. You will have the opportunity to walk through pit lane and meet the pilots.

The autograph session will be held in the Olympic Park on a special stage, which will bring together all the teams. The time the autograph sessions will be published on shortly before the weekend. Don’t forget to monitor social networks of the circuit, for example, instagram “Sochi Circuit” – there are often important announcements.

Walk through the pit lane will start in the morning at 9:00 and end at 12:00. All owners of four-day tickets will be able at this time to walk near the garages of the teams and take pictures. Another chance to look at the boxes containing the equipment and cars of participants of the championship, you simply will not be.

If you have tickets in the Lodge or in place of the category “Comfort”, then you can walk along the pit lane in extra time from 15:00 to 15:55.

The Olympic Park is a town of entertainment “Formula 1” is called F1 FanZone, valid all four days. There you can test your skills on modern simulators, to try yourself in the role of mechanics and to participate in the replacement of the wheels of the car in F1 at the time.

It happens that in the F1 FanZone come in and the pilots themselves, so be sure to look around!

Fighters in the sky

If you come at the Grand Prix of Russia, you often raise your eyes to heaven. With a great program in Sochi will arrive aerobatic team “Russian Knights”. On Saturday, they will show in the sky aerobatics, and on Sunday will fly over the track during a performance of the anthem of Russia.

These flights should follow because it is the world’s only aerobatic team that performs aerobatics in heavy fighters serial production. In this show you will be able to see at air shows.

Hockey in the Olympic Park

Thursday at the sports Palace “Big” will be a hockey game between club “Sochi” and Moscow “Dynamo”.

Tickets you can buy at the stadium ticket office and on the official website “Sochi Circuit”. If you have tickets in the Lodge or in place of the category “Comfort”, the match you pass for free.

Festival drive and motors

During the four days of the stage of “Formula-1” in the Olympic Park at three venues will host the Festival of drive and motors. What does it consist of?

First, in the framework of festival will pass competitions on drift and gymkhana Gymkhana Challenge Sochi. They will participate Arkady Tsaregorodtsev, Nikita Shikov, Fedor Vorobyev and many other famous Russian pilots.

The races will take place on a parallel track, where two pilots will be in constant drift. In the framework of the Sochi Gymkhana Challenge will be a separate competition-prepared drift cars and “Zhiguli”, and also the super final among the strongest in each class.

“The idea of our competition is that we enable the guys of the Junior racing series to try themselves on the same track with athletes of world level, – said the organizer of the Festival and drive motors Ivan Illes. – Parallel circuit combines entertainment and security. It is very compact, the audience will see all events and will be able to visually assess the mistakes of the pilots. The competition is held according to all international safety standards, the vehicles meet the strict requirements of sports regulations”.

At a different venue in the Olympic Park will be the show performed by team freestyle motocross FMX-13 team Legent stunt riding Stunt Team.

Area with radio controlled cars on Festival drive and motors 2019 will be two times more in comparison with the last Grand Prix of Russia. The tracks with the RC formulas and racing trucks will be added two more: cars slot machine-Kars on the rails, which will be able to manage even the smallest audience of the Russian stage “Formula 1” and the machine “trophy”, which will go on the track with obstacles.

On the listed in this text of activities and events the organizers have not stopped. What viewers will see? On the territory of the racetrack in the days of Grand Prix you are waiting for a go kart, a huge 3D puzzle, area bogovalov, show graffiti, an exhibition of paintings “Royal race” dancers in the special dance area, musicians, mimes, stilt-walkers and drummers automotive Museum, photo zone, art objects and even an aquarium. It says one thing. The organizers of the stage of “Formula 1” was thinking not only about how to professionally conduct of the race, but tried to make the weekend a real celebration for everyone. “Formula 1” in Russia – more than just racing, so bored just do not have.

source: “Soviet sport”