Formula 1

“Formula-1” is launched in Austria. The organizers intend to start the season in July

Executive Director of “Formula-1” chase Carey spoke about the plans for the current year. “The Soviet sports” has studied the situation.


Season of “Formula-1” broke is not that suddenly the world was bursting at the seams, competitions and major League were cancelled or put on pause everywhere… But in the Royal races kept to the last. There was, however, in advance of the pending “Grand Prix of China,” scheduled for April – but it happened back in January, on the background of the first stage of the epidemic, which covered the first China. And here in Australia have it all to arrive. And even to hold a number of press events. And even prepare for competitions…. The news that the race will not be arrived literally at the last moment – March 13, the night before the first Friday practices.

And then away we go….

One after another began to break the rest of the “Grand Prix”. Bahrain, Vietnam, Holland, then Spain, Monaco, Azerbaijan – list of cancelled or postponed weekends grow with each passing day, and the beginning of the season was postponed and postponed. The last (for the moment) the list is not held “Grand Prix” was the French – on Monday, managing Director of stage, Eric boullier (former chief of the “Reno” and “McLaren”) said that this season of races in Le Castellet will not be exact. The reason is the decision of the French government, which has imposed a strict ban on carrying out any sports tournaments. “We have already switched to training in 2021,” said Bulle.

Season calendar-2020 initially included the 22 races. Of these, seven were postponed indefinitely. Three abolished in principle (in addition to France, even Australia and Monaco). As of now, the championship should start in Spielberg, on the home track Red bull – July 3-5. But what if the “Grand Prix of Austria” will take?


It seems that not going!

On the same day (April 27) when it became known about the cancellation of the weekend in France, the Executive Director of “Formula-1” chase Carey issued a statement. And told about the plans for the current year. Told many interesting things. But the main thing – here:

– Despite the news about “Grand Prix of France”, we are now even more than before, sure that will start the season in the summer. In July, August and early September we plan to hold the European stages. Then we will race in Eurasia, Asia and America, and we finish the championship in December in Bahrain and Abu Dhabi. All will be held from 15 to 18 “Grand Prix”, – said Carey.

The calendar is still unknown. Most likely, the deferred European stages (Spain, Netherlands, Azerbaijan) try to hold in August when it was originally scheduled a month long break. This year the classic summer vacation of the team already had spent in the spring. So to “thicken” the summer without any problems. Autumn Asian and American races to be held in advance of known dates. It is not excluded that in “the Formula-1” will try to move the “Grand Prix of Russia”, “sandwiched” between Singapore and Japan. From all points of view – first, the logistics – it is more reasonable to move from 27th September to the beginning of autumn or the month of August (including the series of European weekends). And initially scheduled to hold a “Grand Prix” not in Sochi, but, for example, in China or Vietnam – it will be easier for everyone. Given that “Sochi Autodrom” not much-downloaded other events that are special difficulties in implementing this idea should not be. However, it is unknown whether you are considering this option themselves the leaders of the “Formula”.


Final clarity to the question of how and a new calendar will probably appear in late may-early June. And the teams will now have a month to re-prepare for the championship (although work on this is underway right now). Of course, in the current environment it is difficult to think ahead and predict how the situation will develop with the coronavirus in different countries (including in Russia). But the chance that the “Grand Prix of Austria” will start on time (July 3-5) is really high – at least in the paddock sure of almost everything. Will it be possible to carry out all the previously postponed race is a separate issue, but most of them probably will be. So the statement Cary about 15-18 “Grand Prix” this year doesn’t look unreasonably optimistic. Yes, it’s less than original 22, but not so critical! In the end, let us recall that in the early 2000s in the championship, in principle, carried out only some 16 “Grand Prix”. And this is quite enough for bright fights for the title.

So unless a new force majeure, we will have time to enjoy the Royal races. We have to wait quite a bit.

source: “Soviet sport”