Fran SOL: “I Train with my wife, she is my personal trainer”

Spanish striker Kiev “Dynamo” Fran Sol told about how the form supports during the quarantine, and who helps him in this.

– Fran, you post in the social network of their live home workouts. Do this every day?

– Yes, I train every day. The only exception is once a week on Sunday, because the rest is needed during quarantine, especially if I practice a lot.

– Your wife trains with you, it helps you?

– Yes, almost every day we train together. I have my mandatory program, which I do alone. But the rest of the exercises we love to perform together.

What’s your daily routine, how much time to spend training?

– The first training session I’m conducting in the morning. It’s mostly running exercises, cardio workout. And in the evening do my weight and special exercises to strengthen muscles.

– You do not go to do on training camp?

Now do not go, because, fortunately, I have the opportunity and conditions in order to complete all necessary training work at home. Together with us in Kiev is now my mother, who is 62 years old, so I’m doing everything possible to minimize the risk of infection by coronavirus. I believe that now, if possible, it is best to stay at home to prevent what is happening in Spain. The situation in my home country, I was very saddened. I use all those enhanced security measures, which adhere to and my friends and my family in Spain.

– Judging by the video, in your apartment there is an exit to the large terrace. Now it came in handy for the active a full body workout in the fresh air?

– Yes, it is there that I spend most of the training, because it is very spacious and has enough space to perform all those exercises that sends me the coaching staff. When I need to do long runs, I do them here at the limes.

– You follow only the exercise program that gives you the coaching staff or do you have also its additional?

– First of all, I adhere to the necessary programs, it is critical that our coaching staff and directs the physical trainer Vitaliy Kulyba. But I also know what components I personally need more work on and what to improve – and work on it further, of course, in moderation to not overload yourself.

Your wife is a nutritionist, it helps you keep in shape and eat right?

– Yes, my wife is also to a certain extent, is my personal trainer, because she has been doing it professionally. So I have no problems with keeping a good shape and healthy balanced diet.

– Now, you probably only eat at home. What are your favorite homemade diet?

– I am very glad that my mother is now here with us. She came to see me, but when this all started, did not return to Spain. She cooks very delicious traditional Spanish food. The kind of food I love the most.

– How do you spend free time? Apparently, you don’t get bored during isolation.

– Most of the free time to devote to his son. Play for him on the guitar, read books. In my free time watching sitcoms on Netflix. In this period, when I can’t concentrate on your job, I’m very supportive of all my relatives who are close to me.