G-DRIVE RACING holds the lead

Intrigue in the Asian series race in Le Mans remains. The winner will be known only at the last stage in Thailand.


One of the main intrigue of the third stage of the Asian series race in Le Mans was not actually the question on the allocation of seats, but will it turn the rest of the season into an empty formality. “The Soviet sports” already wrotehow in the first two races, the victory was won by the crew of G-Drive Racing (this is our Roman Rusinov, and James French, Leonard Hogenboom). And in China, and in Australia on such different tracks – he brought a prototype Aurus 01 to the finish line first. But again, to collect maximum points for the third time in a row failed. However, everything in order.


Not so long ago – until 2017 – at this track “Sepang” was heard the roaring engines of Formula 1. But the Royal race left the famous track. Every race has a cost a tidy sum, and to cover the expenses did not come out. However, the theme of the return of the race and then rises to the highest ranks of the country.

The track is located in the same city. To Kuala Lumpur from here about 60 miles. In the alignment design has attracted as many as Michael Schumacher. And all the dreams of the riders here are implemented: speed, speed, speed! Two-thirds of the route the pilots are at maximum speed, and most of a dozen turns allow you to reset the speed to low values.


The strategy for the race was to choose a not so easy now the rainy season and although the race day promised to clarify, no one really could not count. And I started the race, which lasts for four hours, late afternoon – at 17 o’clock local time, so very soon after the start came the darkness. However, in fairness I must say that recently the route was equipped with high-quality artificial lighting.

What strategy was necessary to elect the G-Drive Racing team? A simple question: whether to risk in the struggle for the victory to fine win the early first place, or focus on a simple hit on the catwalk below with a confident leadership to prepare for the last stage in Thailand?

We don’t know which strategy is elected, but the prototype Aurus 01 Gibson crossed the finish line third, behind its main competitors from Eurasia Motorsport and Carlin Thunderhead Racing

So we can say that G-Drive Racing remains the overall leader, but the next step in Thailand will be exciting and for pilots, and for fans.

Asian series Le Mans. 3rd round. Malaysia. LMP2
Place – Team – # – Prototype

1. Eurasia Motorsport – 36 – Ligier JS P217
2. Thunderhead Racing Carlin – 45 – Dallara P217
3. G-Drive Racing 26 – Aurus 01
4. K2 Uchino Racing – 96 – Oreca07
5. Inter Europol Endurance – 34 – Ligier JS P217
6. Inter Europol Endurance – 33 – Ligier JS P217

source: “Soviet sport”