Get Turret: activists will hold a rally in support of the Nightingale

Thursday, July 4, from 8:40 to 9:20 activists under walls of the Ministry of youth and sports will hold a rally “out of Turret” in support of the champion of the European games 2019 Anna Nightingale.

“Enough to endure the disgusting of the President of the Cycling Federation of Ukraine Oleksandr Bashenko. His act against the winner of the European games Anna Nightingale is a shameful and unacceptable.

We, the activists and ordinary citizens, under the walls of the Ministry of youth and sport of Ukraine will demand an official apology Turrets in front of Anna Nightingale, and his resignation from the post of Chairman of the Federation of Bicycle sports of Ukraine.

We call on everyone to support the campaign: athletes, cyclists, Bicycle lovers, social activists, media, join.

Together we will demand justice. Turrets should be responsible for their actions”, – stated in the message.

Recall, the Turrets have publicly nasty European Games champion Anna Solovey. The Minister of sport Ihor Zhdanov expressed support for the Nightingale in conflict with the President of the Cycling Federation.