Glushakova “returned” in “Spartacus,” Lewandowski, the leader of the “Golden boot” and “Zenith” and CSKA in revenue

Under the heading “While you were sleeping” tell about the most interesting events that happened in the world of sports since last night.


On Friday evening, midfielder of “Akhmad” Denis Glushakov said that at the end of season contract with the club from Grozny may not be renewed. But on Saturday rumors that the 33-year-old player could return in “Spartacus”, which took the championship in 2017. All in all, the red-and-white Glushakov played from 2013 to 2019, and then with the scandal left the team.

The reason for talking about returning in “Spartak” gave himself Denis, if you think about your future on television. “Who knows, maybe even a t-shirt of Spartak and will play. Why not? I’m always open, I write a lot of wishes, good words. With the staff of the club, we broke up okay too. This is the life of a footballer. Today you play in the same team, tomorrow in another.”

Yesterday Glushakov had to explain. “If where-that said that want to return in “Spartak” as it is special to me, they don’t need me right there to Woo. Yes, I have a serious football ambition and a lot of effort to solve large problems. But any contracts will be a sense of thinking after the season.”

To think the ex-captain of Spartak as it should have. While the good options for the continuation of his career looms. Return in the same Glushakova in “Spartak” hardly worth the wait. The club simply will not want to set off the powder keg in the relations with the fans. Boss red-and-white Leonid Fedun and CEO of club Thomas Zorn yesterday rushed information about the negotiations with the player to refute. Leonid Arnoldovich did so called it nonsense. So to some fans it seems that he just raves about Glushakov Spartak.

Where can he be? If Dennis missed Moscow, the more likely it would pick up no less than his native “the locomotive”. Fans of the red and green just will not arrange about this protest. However, the new concept of “Loco” Glushakov categorically does not fit. Maybe then “Rostov”, the former coach of “Spartak” Valery Karpin?


Bayern won another victory in the German championship, defeating the “Fortune” in the home match of 29-th round with the score 5:0. Striker Robert Lewandowski scored a brace for him, these goals have become the 28th and 29th this season.

Thus, the 31-year-old pole came into the sole lead in the competition for the Golden boot, ahead of forward Roman “Latium” Ciro Immobile. (27 goals).

Top ten contenders for the trophy looks like at the moment: 1. Lewandowski — 29 goals (58 points), 2. Immobile — 27 (54), 3. Timo Werner (“Leipzig”) — 24 (48), 4. Erling Holland (“Salzburg”/”Borussia” D) — 26 (16/10), (44), 5. Cristiano Ronaldo (“Juventus”) — 21 (42), 6. Lionel Messi (“Barcelona”) — 19 (38), 7. Jamie Vardy (“Lester”) — 19 (38), 8. Kilian Mbappe (“PSG”) — 18 (36), 9. Wissam Ben Yedder (“Monaco”) — 18 (36), 10. Romelu Lukaku (Inter) — 17 (34).


“Zenith” has kept leadership among Russian football clubs in terms of revenue. Data according to Russian accounting standards for 2019, saying that it was reduced from 11.47 billion to 11.31 billion rubles, while the club recorded a profit of 547 million rubles.

In the second place, as in the table RPL, Lokomotiv, which increased in 2019 revenue by 17% – from 5.25 to 6.14 billion rubles. It is followed by “Spartak”, whose income rose to 5.4 billion, Dynamo (4,08 billion) and Krasnodar (2,95).

The club Sergey Galitsky took first place in the RPL for the amount of damages. According to reports, the company, at the end of last year, “Krasnodar” received RUR 1.97 billion loss after 1.2 million profit in 2018. In the second place “Sochi” with a minus 1.5 billion

“Spartak” has fixed the amount of missing money at around 803,6 million after 877,9 million in 2018. the Net loss CSKA amounted to 709,6 million.

It is noteworthy that in hockey revenue in 2019 also leading the club from St. Petersburg. Indicators SKA increased from 8.05 bn to 8.16 bn. The net profit rose from 543 million to 1.1 billion.


Another star of the Premier League has become the victim of a robbery. The apartment striker “Manchester city” Riyadh Mareza entered the thieves. The total losses of the player amounted to more than 555 thousand euros. Criminals took a watch worth more than 255 thousand euros, cash amounting to more than 61 thousand, bracelets and other things. At the time of the robbery Mareza was not at home. The footballer plays for man city since the summer of 2018, turning the club from “Lester”.

Some time ago, was robbed midfielder “Tottenham” Really alli, and the player received minor injuries, as was in the house along with a group of friends. A number of players in the Premier League after the pandemic period, cases of theft in the homes of the players began to get in their homes fighting dogs.


Striker club NHL “new York Rangers” Artemiy Panarin made the list of contenders for the “HART Trophy”. This award is presented annually to the player who has made the greatest contribution to the success of his team in the regular season.

The results of the voting, which was conducted among the authors of the website of the NHL, Panarin scored 30 points and rounded out the top five. First place in the survey took the best scorer of the regular season, the German striker “Edmonton” Leon Dreiseitl, who scored 83 points. Situated on the second Nathan MacKinnon from Colorado (64 points), the third – David Pastrnak from “Boston” (45), the fourth – Drysuits teammate Connor McDavid (34).

Also the list included a novel Yosi (“Nashville”), Nikita Kucherov (“Tampa Bay”), Connor Hellebuyck (“Winnipeg”), John Carlson (Washington), Jack Icel (“Buffalo”) and brad Marchand (Boston).

Interestingly, voters bypassed the leader of “Washington” Alexander Ovechkin, who became the best sniper of the regular championship with Pastrana (48 goals), while including a list of his teammate defender John Carlson. The choice was apparently made because of better statistics American – 75 (15 +60) points in the regular season against the 67 (48+19), Ovechkin. And with the “plus/minus” Alexander is not all right – “minus 12”, while John 12, but only plus.

source: “Soviet sport”