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“Good progress in playing the guitar”. Daniil Kvyat – quarantine and upcoming races

The pilot “alpha Tauri” Daniil Kvyat on the Russian page of “Red bull” on instagram held a live broadcast, answering questions from the host and fans.


In 2020, you have been rebranding Toro Rosso became Alpha Tauri. Helmut Marko, consultant to Red Bull Racing, said that Alpha Tauri is no longer the youngest team, and the sister Red Bull. Had to experience it for yourself?
Let’s just say that now we present the brand of clothing, and most importantly change. The presentation was very bright and busy. We see that the team there was a lot of interest, so such cooperation are of great importance.

– The first stage “Formulas-1” on schedule to be held on 5 July in Austria. It is planned to compress the calendar and make the minimum pause between races. Will this affect the results and are you ready for this tight schedule?
– It will be interesting to observe the evolution championship. Honestly, everything is very unpredictable, there was no official announcement. Much will depend on the situation in the countries that will host the stages. May often have to act on the situation. Remember – we have already arrived in Australia, it was all planned, but almost the day of the “Grand Prix” took the decision to cancel the race… So we have to be patient and wait for the decisions of the leadership of “Formula 1”. Let’s hope that they will be able to build a calendar so that riders don’t have to take crazy flights and acclimatization did not affect the result.

– You are now at home in Monaco. The “Monaco Grand Prix” was canceled for the first time since 1954! It seems incredible event in the world of racing. If instead of the official championship will be a virtual competition on the Playstation, you will participate?
– I think so. You only need to order a more powerful console and buy a new version of the simulator. Cancellation of the “Monaco Grand Prix” says the scale of the situation that has developed this year in the world. Now it only remains to wait for the official solutions, because nothing’s confirmed yet. I hope we will be able to conduct planned European stages. I heard that there is a probability that the two consecutive races on the same track, but, again, that no one has yet confirmed. Now I want to wish everyone to have patience And most importantly, in this difficult time everyone was healthy.

Monaco also goes by “Grand Prix”, “Formula E”. What do you think about this type of racing?
I know many strong riders out there interesting championship. Only, of course, the sound of the cars is very unusual. But I have nothing against it, it’s an interesting idea that has a right to life.

– If you had the ability to change the rules of” Formula 1″, what would you do?
– Anything to reduce the distance between the teams, because in the moment between the top teams and those who are a bit slower, too much difference in the technical component. The technique changes the downforce, and how the car behaves on the track. I hope that someday all the “stable” will have equal possibilities in technical terms, and the race will be much more spectacular and interesting.


– Do you have time to perform all the tests on the car this year, and whether he was fully ready for the season?
– Yes, we managed to conduct all the tests, and this is important, because the car every year, albeit slightly, but changing. Try to make it faster, reduce downforce to improve behavior on the road and find a better balance, so we experimented with the settings and, in General, was satisfied. The problem is that there is no understanding on what stage of preparation we are now, because the opportunity to try out a car in a real race was not.

– On the website of the Alpha Tauri is music playlists pilots of Pierre went Out and your. Among your songs, there are Bob Marley and Avicii, but how the song of Igor Talkova “Summer rain” is on the playlist for a person born in 1994?
I listened to songs on the radio, in my childhood someone had that music, and I always liked Igor talc. Vladimir Kuzmin also have good old songs. We are almost two months sitting at home, so it was time to listen to different music.

– How do you quarantine that you have done over the past month that had not enough time?
– Get enough sleep! Of course, at first it was strange to come back with a potential of the first race. I have already set yourself up for a rich championship on a bitter struggle, on long flights, and then you say: “Go home and wait.” So the first two weeks was spent trying to get used to the new regime. Then began to find the opportunity to train, to entertain themselves somehow: watch movies, read books and learn something new.

– How are your practice sessions? There is a permanent plan or the amount of exercises are trying to perform?
– Always do the run – the good, the whole quarantine was allowed to run. Home perform various exercises on the elastic, trying to train the neck. Ordered a variety of dumbbells, so I got to organize the house a good gym to keep fit. Also finally got the opportunity to devote more time to training the electric guitar. Watching various videos on YouTube where professionals are available to explain everything, so for the last couple of months I was able to make serious progress in it and learn many new songs.


At the end of the ester Quat answered a few short questions in the genre of “either-or”.

– Zelenka or iodine?
– Zelenka.

– Rain or heat?
– Now, therefore, heat.

James Hetfild or Ozzy Osbourne?
James Hatfield.

– More buzz from overtaking in a straight line or in turns?
– In turn.

– Dumplings or pasta?
I miss the dumplings now so definitely the dumplings!

– Mike Tyson or Muhammad Ali?
– Mike Tyson.

– What’s worse, blurt out something in an interview or delay during the PitStop?
– I think worse, of course, second, because there time is very valuable. In an interview, if you say something, people will understand and may even think that you, on the contrary, something clever to say.

– Infinite charge in the phone or endless fuel in your car?
– Perhaps, after all, a phone. We have become accustomed to refueling. On the other hand, for the environment is endless the fuel is probably better.

The rest of my life to give up meat or sweet?
– From sweet!

– If you had a remote control for the time machine, would you choose to rewind or press pause?
– To rewind it would be interesting, pause now has been.

source: “Soviet sport”