Formula 1

Great race in a great movie. The best films on the subject of Motorsport

No sports on TV, but sport is in a movie! We are continuing a series of selections that can be viewed while the whole world is sitting in quarantine.

Started, of course, football. Then I remembered basketball. Now another favorite kinodela theme – of course, racing! And since we are talking about sports, then we will not recall fighters a La “fast and furious” and other “Thirst of speed” (with all due respect to Aaron the Floor). But focus on the pictures, it was about a real sport. Although genres are, again, varied – from Comedy of the absurd to a serious biopic. And even cartoons.


Year: 2019
Director: James Mangold
Starring: Christian bale, Matt Damon,
Kinopoisk Rating: 8,1 (104 838). IMDB rating: 8,1 (189 621).

One of the main paintings last year, which won four nominations for “Oscar” (including a nomination for Best picture) and took two awards (“Best editing” and “Best sound editing”). The story tells of how the ambitious Henry Ford II, after failing to buy Ferrari, decides to throw the Italians call their home, the European stage and win the marathon “24 hours of Le Mans.” What hires talented designer Carroll Shelby (Matt Damon), and he recruits the brilliant racer Ken miles (Christian bale). The film is based on real events, for the role of miles bale lost 30 kg (although after the preparation for the filming of “the Machinist” it is to frighten could not), and the picture has collected in world 225 000 000 dollars.


Year: 2013
Director: Ron Howard
Starring: Chris Hemsworth, Daniel Bruhl, Olivia Wilde
Kinopoisk Rating: 8,0 (151 299). IMDB rating: 8,1 (412 341).

A relatively recent picture that has already become live classics. Oscar-winning Director (“a beautiful mind”), the American Ron Howard surprisingly accurately recreated the atmosphere of the “Golden age” of “Formula-1” and embodied on the screen the duel James hunt and the great Niki Lauda, who is fit and handsomeThor Chris Hemsworth and outdoor Hollywood with Quentin Tarantino Daniel brühl (“Inglourious Basterds”). Came a powerful movie about the difficult path to fame and bright the confrontation between the two legendary racers. The culmination of the plot – the season 1976. The same, when Lauda almost burned to death on the “nürburgring”, and the title was decided in a dramatic rain race in Japan.


Year: 2005
Director: Roger Donaldson
Starring: Anthony Hopkins
Kinopoisk Rating: 8,0 (59 240). IMDB rating: 7,8 (50 373).

The real story of new Zealander Burt Monroe, who has devoted his whole life to remake his Indian motorcycle in 1920 in the fastest racing car, which broke the speed record (305 km/h) in 1967. Events recreated not literally (it is, after all, a feature film), but it’s easy to close my eyes, enjoying the sturdy statement of Donaldson and superior playing Anthony Hopkins.


Year: 2010
Director: Asif Of Kapadia
Rating IMDb: 8,4 (16 516). IMDB rating: 8,5 (59 593).

We deliberately avoid documentaries in our series of collections, otherwise their number would be too large. But “Senna” is the only exception. The film can be considered a sample, how to make a “documentary” about the life of legends. The Asif Kapadia so carefully, lovingly and knowledgeably about the work that received approval and support, even from family Senna (something that none of the Directors has not happened). The output was a very strong film about the fate of three-time champion, laced with a large amount of archival footage of the personal life of the Wizard. Be sure to browse all true fans of “Formula-1”.

By the way, it could be like a documentary series Netflix. It is called “the Formula-1”. Came two seasons dedicated to the Championships in 2018 and 2019.


Year: 1971
Director: Colin Strause
Starring: Steve McQueen, Siegfried Rauch
Kinopoisk Rating: 7,3 (1048). IMDB rating: 6,8 (8596).

The American Michael Delaney and German Eric Staller fight for the victory in the legendary marathon in the ring “Sarthe”. Very old, but almost a cult film, a role which the legendary Steve McQueen has received fabulous for those times $ 750,000 (plus fees). In contrast to the “Michel Val’yana” (about him below), atmosphere of the “Le Mans” re much more plausible. And the scenes of racing, despite the age of the paintings still look fascinating.


Year: 1966
Director: John Frankenheimer
Starring: James garner, Eva Marie Saint, Yves Montand
Kinopoisk Rating: 8,0 (2051). Rating IMDB: 7,2 (7555).

The story of four riders, leading a vivid life and risking that life on the track “Formula 1”, brought the creators of the film three Oscars (for the technical category) and $ 20 million at the box office (a respectable for those times money). Now the picture looks dated, but still perfectly captures the spirit of the “Queen of Motorsport” 60-ies of the last century.


Year: 2006
Director: John Lasseter, Joe Ranft
Starring (voice): Owen Wilson, Paul Newman, Bonnie hunt, Cheech Marin
Kinopoisk Rating: 7,4 (139 773). IMDB rating: 7,1 (348 853).


Year: 2011
Director: John Lasseter, Brad Lewis
Starring (voice): Owen Wilson, Michael Caine, John Turturro
Kinopoisk Rating: 6,8 (64 393). Rating IMDB: 6,1 (149 827).


Year: 2017
Director: Brian Fin
Starring (voice): Owen Wilson, was Cristela Alonzo, Chris Cooper, Nathan Fillion
Kinopoisk Rating: 7,0 (35 008). IMDB rating: 6,7 (67 539).

One of the favorite cartoon of the trilogy modern boys, which while gorgeous, “went” and an adult audience – $ 1.5 billion total global fees visual confirmation. Pixar just doesn’t make bad cartoons, and even the fact that the second part of “Cars” was criticized for inappropriate care in the direction of “James bond”, did not abolish the main thing – the story of Lightning McQueen has won the hearts of even those who initially was not seen in any great love of racing. What about the fans of these! As a bonus for Motorsport fans – careful reference to the iconic models and figures, cameo stars (Michael Schumacher in the first part, Lewis Hamilton and Vitaly Petrov (in Russian version) – in the second, and many other examples), and just caring attitude to the atmosphere of the races in the popular racing series.


Year: 2013
Director: David Soren
Starring (voice): Ryan Reynolds, by Paul Giamatti, Michael peña, Snoop Dogg, Michelle Rodriguez, Samuel L. Jackson, Luis Guzman
Kinopoisk Rating: 6,8 (31 473). IMDB rating: 6,4 (79 of 194).

The script about how received super-speed snail seeking the right to participate in the “Indie 500” along with the regular racers, so to say, raises questions. But it’s still a cartoon and not a documentary. Why not? Dreamworks tried to repeat the success of “Cars” – got worse, but not to say that is bad. Star cast voice acting, beautiful picture, decent level of animation, funny (with all assumptions) plot and equally careful attitude to detail (the legendary “Old Kirpichnaya”, which is the main race of the America, recreated literally in the details!) played a role. The cartoon was fun and worthy. Masterpiece? No. You can look at? Of course, you can!


Year: 2001
Director: Renny Harlin
Starring: Sylvester Stallone, Burt Reynolds, til Schweiger
Kinopoisk Rating: 6,5 (16 501). IMDB rating: 4,6 (38 420).

Stallone (who does not know – the “Oscar” for best screenplay by the legendary “rocky”), he wrote a story about the rider-the veteran who helps talented but young and inexperienced guy to win the title. Sly had originally planned to shoot a picture of the “Formula 1”, but, according to rumors, couldn’t fit in the car first “Formula”, then the action moved to the American “Indy”. Out… frankly, not rocky. But not horror-horror – once you can look. Special thanks to Burt Reynolds, who played the owner of the team, whose prototype was clearly Frank Williams.


Year: 2003
Director: Louis-Pascal Kuller
Starring: Sagamon Stevenin, Peter Youngblood hills, Jean-Pierre Cassel
Kinopoisk Rating: 6,7 (10 791). IMDB rating: 5,4 (3987).

The attempt of the French to make a movie about a race of France – “24 hours of Le Mans.” Out provocatively, sometimes fun, but with a huge number of scenic holes and it is quite divorced from reality. Although the rides look cheerful, and if you do not cling to detail, the story of Michel Val’yana might even like it.


Year: 1990
Director: Tony Scott
Starring: Tom cruise, Nicole Kidman, Robert Duvall
Kinopoisk Rating: 6,9 (7519). IMDB rating: 6,0 (75 216).

A young Tom cruise in the role of a young NASCAR racer whose intense rivalry on the track with his main rival (played by Michael Rooker) leads them both to the hospital. The film has collected good cash Desk (150 000 000), was nominated for an Oscar (for best sound) and marked the beginning of a relationship cruise with Nicole Kidman, not only the script of “Days of thunder”, but in real life.


Year: 2006
Director: Adam McKay
Starring: will Ferrell, John C. Reilly, Sacha Baron Cohen
Kinopoisk Rating: 6,0 (5758). IMDB rating: 6,6 (160 883).

Typical Ferrell Comedy, which star Saturday Night Live rivet in his life badly, including on the topic of sports (one of them we already wrote). It is about the rider, who lives on the principle “at Any cost want to win!”, which often leads him into funny situations. Filmed all in the spirit of Ferrell’s (name of the Director in this case is not important) – crazy, absurd, but sometimes hilarious. On-screen Duo of will and Sasha Baron Cohen gave us many wonderful scenes. Although they are better to watch with popcorn and completely disable the head.

source: “Soviet sport”