Greedy incompetent woman worms the toilet and the old prostitute

Is only the second week of coronavirus quarantine, and the nerves of the people begin to pass. “Soviet sport” gathered strong statements of colleagues from the sports world and made “stars out raids”.

1. 1. Vasily Utkin about Tina Kandelaki: greedy incompetent woman toilet bottomless failure

The leadership in our ranking have captured the commentator Vasily Utkin, who criticized the General producer “Match TV” Tina Kandelaki.

“Without sports, untalented woman, bad not the Federal channel, and to us. To all of us. And you, incompetent woman who can’t show for a week nothing more than attracting the attention of the public than the “Carousel” channel and it morning exercise. That’s what was going on.

To you personally, incompetent, greedy woman, people living with their work in the profession, feel only contempt. Because such indicators are called the floor…

But instead of his direct work you speculated masks. A thousand rubles for five pieces, I never tire of repeating. The world will change, but will remain one thing: where is Tina Kandelaki, there is a bottomless toilet failure.

Pathetic that you do not mind.”

Basil “slept” in their hatred against a bright beautiful woman, three times in four sentences calling it mediocre. Not sure he realizes how insignificant looks two-meter man, thus reducing scores with the charming lady. Even if he has a claim to her purely professional nature (and who doesn’t?), about women is wrong.

About maschek five Grand apiece something tells us that it is unlikely that this was an initiative by Tina. You here imagine that, for example, the owner of “roundabout” began to control, how do it managers today sell buckwheat.

2. Tina Kandelaki about Vasily Utkin: worms yesterday, today the toilet

“Yesterday, “worms”, today, “toilet”, Vasily Utkin entertains us,” – commented on the attack on television journalist Tina.

“I will not ask you to organize the production, Basil, to compare then prices. How pointless to tell you about how many masks were distributed absolutely for free. Your destiny is to burn the verb at the bar and call the large rooms with slander, causing a feeling of burning shame even those, whom you had once given a start in the profession.”

Kandelaki also recalled former TV commentator that he once traded one big team effort “Match TV” on their own ambitions, constantly puts former colleagues and students mediocre.

“Well, you don’t know what our channel is the collective work of hundreds of people. You prefer to pretend that “Match TV” — that’s me: Bok, selected a jar of jam at the overgrown Baby. Keep up revs with insults”.

At the woman’s words during an argument is not worth paying attention to, of course, if you are a real man. Don’t know about you, but I in this story Tina Jorjadze more nice and less nasty (to be honest, it is not yet decided in the end to delete). Although the collective work of hundreds of people could look nicer in that Vasily could not agree more.

3. Khabib Nurmagomedov on Conor McGregor: he’s like an old whore who wants attention

The champion of UFC lightweight Khabib Nurmagomedov commented on the emergence of Conor McGregor during his live broadcast.

“I think he’s like an old whore who wants attention. He took his time. And tell him,” said Habib in an interview with ESPN.

The Irishman appeared on the air and asked in the comments “Add me” to Habib turned it on for a joint discussion. However, Nurmagomedov just asked: “Who came?”, then said goodbye to the fans and ended the stream.

The soldiers were engaged in a joint fight in October 2018, and then Habib won suffocating reception. And the day before he announced the cancellation of the fight against American Tony Ferguson, which was to be held on April 18 in the United States.

Discussed in the broadcast was about “settling” around the cancelled fight between two cool dudes – Habib and Tony. Why got there the third one in the ring everything is revealed, the big question. Well, he got what he deserved.

4. Dmitry Guberniev about Anfisa Tool: do the cult of the brainless people, do not understand, absolute dummy

It all started with the fact that two-time Olympic champion Anfisa Reztsova talked about not respecting the quarantine.

“I won’t follow them, drive around guests, what should we be? I go in the woods with his family, visited his brother Vladimir, there is pure nature. Nobody knows, helps mask or not. How to observe something? Yesterday began to actively criticize the people who went on the barbecue. Are people with families, not to disturb anyone. What are they carrying the virus? Soon we will be prohibited to breathe or something?”

Well-known sports commentator Dmitry Guberniev went through tough Tool.

“Lord, why are my sports idols really are idiots” – he wrote in his Telegram.

“Soviet sport” phoned up a Mail to find out her opinion about the conflict.

“I always call asked that I said something to insult Chelsea, which has reached an extreme point, said tool correspondent Yuri Volkova. – I have a daughter – existing athletes. I have this situation quite finished off, trying not to react and to calm down a little. Don’t want to belabour this topic, but “the Soviet sports” answer regarding the statements of Chelsea on the renaming of the stadium in Khimki, which bears my name, and I am 20 years of competition. The stadium is the so-called distinguished people, and not Gubernieva rename it”.

Well, then raced in the best Russian traditions. Reztsova asked the opponent to cover his mouth: “You’re nobody, can call you,” and the presenter accused her in a lie and drunkenness.

“We’re doing the cult of the brainless people, do not understand, absolute, dummies etc! But a great athlete 30 years ago! Well, now the situation is changing! And fools opening their mouths, they bury themselves!” – added the commentator.

That trust is then “voice biathlon”, which speaks to us about how beautiful our little world. What is this world, we once again saw this week, after reading the open letter of veterans biathlon and influential figures, urging them to remove from his post the head of the RBU Drachev.

And yet, Dmitry. Ladies believed in you when every time you called them “bunnies” and just beauties. Sinister you, but, man.

5. Artem Dzyuba of Vasily Utkin: the man is so degraded and fallen that commented in cafes and train station

Known commentator Vasily Utkin and the captain of the national team of Russia Artem Dzyuba hacked to death is not a joke.

Forward “Zenith” in an interview with Tina Kandelaki told about Utkin: “Man is insanely talented, was the voice and personification football. But he is so degraded and fallen that says in the cafes and the station.”

After the “cafes and stations” Utkin has accused Dzyuba of theft, having pulled out of the skeleton of the old Cabinet: “the Guy started career in the adult team that has stolen money from a friend out of his pocket in the locker room, then took his wife back from the best friend.”

You would think that the film as a decent man just stood up for the woman Utkin publicly insulted. If not for old scores footballer and journalist.

Basil at the end of last year harshly criticized Artem during the conflict of the player with the fans and sided with the latter.

The history with “stole money from a friend” dated back to 2009. It was, supposedly, in the next. Vladimir Bystrov, who lived with Pedophilia in the same room at the training camp, announced the loss of 15,000 rubles. Captain red-and-white Martin Jiranek asked Artem to turn out his pockets, and it just showed up this amount. Then escorted Dzyuba from Spartak to rent in “Tom'”.

“That scandal was preceded by another episode, remembered after the film in an interview with “Soviet sport”. – We with Vovka slightly got into a fight, have it out man to man. I then was reminded of all. Didn’t know that in life there are rough bases, only in the movies have ever seen. With the month almost no sleep, was in a kind of trance”.

source: “Soviet sport”