Formula 1

Hamilton criticised Ferrari for what the bad ones are struggling with racism

Pilot Mercedes Lewis Hamilton has explained why he believes that some of the teams Formula-1 bad fight against racism.

“I think, eventually, Formula 1 stepped forward, but they can do much more. I spoke during a video conference that when f-1 came forward and stated that she was against racism, Mercedes did exactly the same.

We have seen how the mechanics of the Red bull kneel and I think that’s fine. However, if you look, for example, a Ferrari and employ thousands of people, I haven’t heard anything about whether they consider themselves responsible for what is happening and are they going to do something for their future.

We need to FIA and the Formula 1 led to a more active and talked to the teams about the need to unite. Many people do not know what the problem is. Many simply deny it.

This is the reason why I called a special Commission. Everyone has their own opinions, but I want to find the essence. Our goal is to eradicate the problem”, – quotes the British RaceFans.

Earlier, Hamilton became the winner of the Grand Prix of Styria, which was the second stage of the Formula 1 season in 2020.