Formula 1

Hamilton won the first victory of the season

Pilot Mercedes Lewis Hamilton won the Grand Prix of Styria, which was the second stage of the Formula in the season 2020.

Hamilton easily defended his first place at the start, increased advantage, which is easily kept.

Behind him for a long time was Max Verstappen, but in third place on the start out, Bottas, ahead of Sainz. Thanks to the tactics of a later pit stop to the end of the race Bottas was the best of the tire, so he came in second place after max.

The main losers of the race were the pilots of Ferrari. At the start of the pilots who fought for 15-17 place, collided and both flew. Charles pleaded guilty and apologized to the partner, and he said he did not understand why it was to attack in that moment.

The heroes of the race was Sergio Perez and Lando Norris. The first broke from 17th place to 5th, fought with Mirel Albon fourth, but damaged the car and literally in the last corner missed Norris.

Lando note for the ending. Still 10 laps to go, he was ninth, but managed to climb to fifth place.

In the end race is not vying for seats Sainz and Verstappen changed the tires to try to show the fastest lap is managed Sainz, who earned extra credit.

The results of the Grand Prix of Styria: