He’s back! Mitsubishi Pajero Sport returns to the Russian pipeline brand

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport returns to the Russian pipeline brand!

In Kaluga will produce only the most popular diesel versions of the SUV.

When in 2015 well-deserved second generation Mitsubishi Pajero Sport has bid farewell to “PSMA Rus”, it seemed that new cars will begin to leave the factory gates at small local landfill after a few months. The car was ready and the pipeline, they say, was already fully converted to build the new items. But the economy decided otherwise: the next storm that started clouding the Russian sky in 2013, nullified all plans of the Japanese brand. The start was postponed for almost two years.

Autumn visit Osamu Masuko, CEO of Mitsubishi Motors, was associated primarily with issues of unification: Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi are now a single unit. But about the Alliance, told journalists on the sidelines – CEO’s “Three diamonds” arrived in the capital to officially announce the long-awaited launch of assembling Mitsubishi Pajero Sport in Kaluga. The event, which was expected, occurred on 15 December 2017.

Now the Sport again officially became a Russian citizen, which immediately affected the availability of the car: the prices for all modifications of the SUV, even for exported petrol version, immediately fell to 200 000 rubles, and the steady demand for the car will now be met much faster by facilitating logistical challenges.

Russian car owners, for centuries, in a sharp confrontation with two key problems under the letter “D”, roads and other, more sophisticated , have always had a special feeling to a frame SUVs. Cars that can stand the flawed fabric or complete lack of it. Mitsubishi Pajero Sport is one of these. Old school automotive, which put reliability and durability at the forefront, closely intertwined it with a full range of modern requirements for safety, comfort and technology. “Pajero Sport” has changed for the better, being yourself: reliable, unpretentious and confident SUV. But it gained new features, which he lacked before: an acoustic and tactile comfort that is felt by all bodies and points of passengers.

New engine and new eight-speed transmission is successfully aggregated with each other due to what has been achieved not only ride, but also a significant fuel economy. The touch screen is convenient and easy multimedia Connect Mitsubishi, comfortable chairs and cameras of the circular review is the third generation of “Sports” do not compare to ancestor. Completely different cars, but with the same character.

However, the heart of his buyer had to pick up another key. More than glucide! Because the new model on the fallen through the floor the price of Russian currency rose sharply. And new environmental requirements are not lagging behind: the new power unit with an environmental index of EURO-5 is in the production of significantly more expensive than its predecessor. But Mitsubishi Motors is one of those brands who appreciates the Russian market, so the final cost of the SUV has been reduced significantly. And this was only the beginning of the reincarnation of the “Japanese”: the next step was the introduction of new financial programs to buy a car with less overload the family budget. The rules are simple: 50 percent of the cost for the purchase and three years free installments. All. Any pitfalls, complex calculations and small print. To complete the composition lacking only the highlights: be kind, five years and 150 000 km warranty on the body, all components and assemblies. “Sports” was the first car Mitsubishi, which was extended warranty.

Pajero Sport is not the latest localized model. The President of the company “MMC Rus” has confirmed that this is one of the priority tasks for the brand to increase its presence in the market, on the one hand, and to improve the conditions for consumers on the other.

And while Anatoly Artamonov, the Governor of the most technologically advanced and one of the most successful regions, Kaluga, welcomed the return of the model in an industrial Park in Rowe, journalists were able to briefly look at the plant. When preparing to launch a modified Assembly line, added a few new positions, expanded welding shop. Despite the long-standing commitment of the conveyor, made improvements pulled in millions of rubles. But the key investment people. Next year the factory will open more than four hundred new jobs, recruitment of additional staff is already underway. Waiting for the second shift, the factory is buzzing: light through the arch, where they spend the last visual inspection of the finished cars roll out the brand new “Mitsubishi” every six minutes. Crossovers Outlander yet more, because they constitute the lion’s share sold in the territory of the Customs Union of models “Mitsu”. “Pajero Sport” to go with his younger brother in the proportion of “one in four”. Until the end of the year, the plant plans to produce more than four frame SUVs, but in 2018 the number of Pajero Sport coming from Kaluga conveyor should increase dramatically: in November the “Sports” got about a thousand people, and the extension of financial programs for next year will ensure a steady demand.

We can only wish Mitsubishi Pajero Sport success, good luck and respect on the roads of our Great country. High standards of quality Mitsubishi allow him to confirm the trust faithfully earned by his predecessor. The newcomer from Kaluga have everything you need. And even a little more.

source: “Soviet sport”