“His leather jumpsuit was torn from shoulder to waist”

One shot, and no two of your favorites, orAK “Tour de France” lost stars


This happened about 200 meters from the finish of the fourth stage, which took place between the towns of Mondorf-Les-Bains and Vittel. Mark Cavendish before the finish popped up to the right of Peter Sagan. Wanted him to go around, this is a normal situation, as the Briton does. But Sagan put his shoulder and then jabbed his elbow Mark. He fell into the barrier, it immediately crashed the first cyclist, then the second… In the blockage were 20 people.

Mark was lying on the pavement, stona from the pain and weakness. He was forced to just watch helplessly onto the backs of speeding to the finish line of the “Big loop”.

Cavendish got up, holding his right shoulder. His leather suit was torn from shoulder to waist. Mark was holding his right hand, which was visible to the ragged wound. The ambulance arrived, the driver sat in the carriage and drove away. Later, in the clinic of the town of Vittel, doctors diagnosed him with a broken scapula and a lot of not too serious injury. It became clear that the “Tour de France” for the British is over. However, mark proved himself a true gentleman, not given to overwhelm yourself with emotions.

“Obviously, I’m disappointed. I was in a good condition to fight for victory, and I’m really sad to leave the Tour on which I’ve built my entire career. We have a good relationship with Peter, but I’m not a fan of such actions on the finish. I would like to talk to him,” said Cavendish.


Peter Sagan do not agree that he caused the fall of the Mark, although apologies to the old rival brought.

“There’s a little my fault. I knew that mark had left behind and trying to overtake me from the right. But I have not had the opportunity to react and go to the left – he just drove into me and then into the barriers. Happened touch – and he fell. We are friends and colleagues, I apologize – I hope mark recovers soon,” said the traditional in such cases the words of Sagan.

Although really, it’s hard to say whether the incident is the fault of the Slovak? If you look at the replay, it seems that Cavendish lost control and began to fall even before Sagan, he was pushed aside.

By the way, it should be noted that at this stage Peter finished second, but due to a collision received a 30 seconds penalty which threw him on the 115th place. But this trouble of Slovak is not over. The judging panel headed by the chief Commissioner race by Philippe Marien thought it was too good for him and removed him from his Tour with the wording: “For the creation of a serious risk to the colleagues in the last meters of the race”.

“Before the Tour we warned the riders that will be especially careful to watch wrestling. The decision to dismiss Sagan was not easy, but this is only the beginning of the Tour, and it’s time to set our limits. It was not the Sagan, and about what has been done on the track. Likely that it was intentional and it is almost similar to hitting an opponent. Again, we’re not talking about Sagan or Cavendish – in their place could be anyone, the names for us don’t matter,” – commented the decision of the Jury Philippe Marien.


The next day, the jury of the “Tour de France” rejected the appeal Cycling team Bora-Hansgrohe for disqualification Peter Sagan.

Sagan said that he was forced to accept the verdict, although I do not agree with him, and once again wished the Cavendish a speedy recovery

source: “Soviet sport”